Upstage the Bouquet this Valentine’s with Floral Fragrance

February is a big month for flowers. Beautiful bouquets shrouded with different meanings and emotions are exchanged as a token of love and affection. But did you know that everything from the origin of a flowers name to its distinct characteristics are infused with symbolism? Each bouquet tells its own story that deserves to be cherished. Spoil your valentine this year with a floral gift that’ll last far longer than a bouquet.

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Fragrance Terms Explained

Reading fragrance descriptions, whether they be for perfumes or scented candles, can be somewhat… perplexing. From understanding certain terms, to recognising different ingredients, there’s no need for the world of fragrance to mystify, so we’ve put together this handy little one-stop guide to make choosing your next scent a whole lot easier!

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SS16 Trends: Monochrome

Black and white is the new black. This clean, contemporary look can take on a number of styles, from strong, geometric prints or soft decorative textiles and pretty ceramics, to understated, pared back Scandi-style. To create a softer feel, add our Two Little Birds design, where bold and monochromatic meets nature with a stunning woodland illustrations, or for a more graphic look, try Dreamcatcher!

Sometimes the bad things that happen in our lives put us directly on the path to the best things that will ever happen to us. (2)

  1. Two Little Birds Fragrance Lamp, £24.99
  2. Fresh Linen Lamp Fragrance, 500ml £12 250ml £6.49
  3. Dreamcatcher Fragrance Lamp, £24.99
  4. Two Little Birds Ceramic Reed Diffuser with Fresh Linen fragrance, £24.99
  5. Wicker & Weaves Fragrance Lamp, £24.99
  6. Dreamcatcher Ceramic Reed Diffuser with Fresh Linen fragrance, £24.99

SS16 Trend: Blue

From light, powdery blues to deep midnight and indigo, blue is set to make waves this year! Adding a touch of blue is an effortless way to evoke a sense of serenity in your living space. Team blue accessories with seascape patterns for a coastal look or with flashes of metallic for an evocative vibe. To tie a coastal look together, add our new Sea Spray fragrance or to create a charged sense of mystery, try Bluebell Wood.

1. (1).jpg

  1. Fresh Linen Scented Ceramics & Home Spray, £9.99
  2. Powder Blue Fragrance Lamp, £23.99
  3. Bluebell Wood Reed Diffuser, £13.49
  4. Enchanted Forest Home Spray, £3.49
  5. Rainstorm Fragrance Lamp, £23.99
  6. Sea Spray Reed Diffuser, £13.49

SS16 Trends: Dusky Pink

Pink is the colour for 2016. We’re not talking bubblegum, Barbie pink, but the laid-back, soft blush of dusky pink. This sophisticated shade dominated the catwalk at LFW, making a starring appearance for Christian Dior and Jil Sander, but is now set to sweep our homes, making a huge impact particularly when teamed with shades of grey, navy and warm metallics. Our new Peony scent and Vintage Rose ceramics nail this trend perfectly, offering a great way for those who tend to shy away from pink to add subtle touches to their home!

Dusky Pink Final.jpg

  1. Vintage Rose Fragrance Lamp, £24.99
  2. Peony Scented Ceramics & Home Spray, £9.99
  3. Vintage Rose Ceramic Reed Diffuser with Rose fragrance, £24.99
  4. Peach Blush Fragrance Lamp, £23.99
  5. Peony Reed Diffuser, £13.49

New Year, Restored You

Lethargic? A bit run down? Still finding Quality Street wrappers and bits of brie down the back of the sofa? Ah, it must be January, the month of the year reserved for feeling distinctly “not quite yourself” following a month of indulging, socialising and generally throwing all caution to the wind. The January blues are a real thing, and they’re taking over. But how do you conquer them? Traditionally, it’s all about adopting that ‘new year, new me” mind-set, promising yourself a shiny new version of ‘you’. We disagree, we think it’s far more valuable to restore the real you, taking the time to focus on how you feel and how you would like to feel.

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How to do Christmas in Style: Decorating the Tree!

There are few things more magical and Christmassy than a beautifully decorated tree! Putting up the Christmas tree each year is a ritual that lets you and your household know that Christmas is well and truly here now, and is a decorating effort to be really proud of. But how exactly do you achieve the perfect Christmas tree? We’ve put together some of Ashleigh & Burwoods top tree-decorating tips to help you bring Christmas to life this year!

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