Free Buckingham Votive Candle When Spending £35 or More Online!

Move over Queen Victoria, today Queen Elizabeth is officially trumping all other British Queens, reigning for 63 years!

To commemorate this record we’re giving away a free Buckingham votive candle from our Tales of London collection to the first 63 customers to make an order worth £35 or more from our website

Simply enter discount code ‘Queen63’ (see what we did there?) at checkout to receive your free gift!

The Scents That Make Sense for Your Home… The Bathroom

You bathe there. You shower there. There’s a sink whose primary function it is to wash your hands and brush your teeth with. Cleaning is a common theme in the bathroom. Endless supplies of water and hygiene products make it the room in the house synonymous with cleanliness. Yet sometimes (quite regularly actually, often more than once a day) this magical cleaning room can smell somewhat… not so clean.

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