How to get a Good Night’s Sleep

Switching the lights off is the easy part, switching your mind off can prove altogether more complicated. Tossing and turning, unable to fall asleep night after night is frustrating and can negatively impact your day. Equally, the day you’ve had can negatively impact your sleep cycle. Making just a few small changes to your daily routine can help you to get the shut-eye you desperately crave (and no, we’re not going to suggest counting sheep).

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International Coffee Day 2015!

The first official International Coffee Day takes place on the 1st October, as appointed earlier this year by the Executive Director of the International Coffee Organisation. Didn’t know that was a thing? No, us neither, but we’ll hop on board any opportunity to celebrate coffee!

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Wake up and Smell the Coffee! (we couldn’t resist)

Far from just a pretty scent, it’s been shown that even the smell of coffee can help you to feel more awake. For some (most) of us, being forced out of bed in the morning by the need of duties to be fulfilled (one day they’ll just do themselves, one day), is a daily ordeal that only a cup of coffee can ease. But even that takes time. Precious, special time that could be spent snoozing your alarm again.

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