Is 3 your magic number?

Complementary fragrance sets that are ideal for people new to home fragrance or new to Ashleigh and Burwood, our trio sets can be a great way to try some of our most popular fragrances. The sets are perfect to fill every corner of your home with fragrance, whilst keeping to your current theme. With spring around the corner why not bring a touch of bloom into your home with the Floral Collection.

Earth Secrets, give an extra fragrance burst to your home

Our Earth Secrets Mini Diffusers have proven hugely popular since their release. They provide that little burst of fragrance, perfect for those nooks and crannies. Diffusers are one of the most popular ways to fragrance the home, just place the rattan sticks into the diffuser and sit back. The fragrance is absorbed through the sticks and evaporates across your room, leaving you with the pleasant aroma you desire!

Each Earth Secrets Mini Diffuser comes with 50ml of fragrance in a sophisticated printed glass bottle, a pack of 8 rattan sticks all finished off with a stylish silver top, and beautifully presented in a decorative printed box.

This year we have introduced 3 new fragrances the range.

You can check out the full range here

And here are our 3 new additions:

Winter Rose

Sweet hyacinth and delicate violet blossoms nestle with smooth Moroccan rose, warmed by a base of rich amber and cedarwood.

Parma Violet

Back by popular demand, delightful iris dances with the nostalgic, sweet notes of violet and lavender.


Soft rose buds blend with smooth vanilla, enlivened with sweet raspberries. Touches of geranium and jasmine add sparkle to this vibrant fragrance.

A Great Valentine’s Treat

If you’re still looking for that special Valentine’s gift, we might have just the thing.

Our hugely popular Scented Metal Pomanders are always an excellent way to fragrance your home with something that little bit different. We encase fragranced wooden pieces within a decorative metal shell, excellent for fragrancing small spaces whilst adding a creative and personal touch. So we are excited to announce our brand new Scented Heart Pomanders just in time for Valentine’s.

Our new Scented Heart Pomanders are presented in a colourful gift box and come with a Home/Refresh Spray so that you can top up your Pomander whenever you need. The Scented Heart Pomanders come in 4 popular fragrances, A Thousand Rose Petals, Jasmine & Tuberose, Freesia & Orchid and Lavender and Bergamot.

1TSH Heart Pomanda 11 L copy

Make Valentine’s Day Special

Add a touch of elegance and class to your Valentine’s Day with the perfect gift from Ashleigh and Burwood.

Fragrances are always popular gift ideas, but we think we provide something that’s a little bit different, something that’s special whilst being innovative, like a twist on an old classic. All of our products make excellent gifts for every occasion, but this year we’ve gone a step further for Valentine’s Day.

We’ve created a very special limited edition Fragrance Lamp Gift Set for the occasion. Which contains the hugely popular Rose Bud Fragrance Lamp hand crafted using dusky crimson and rose blossom mosaic pieces, creating a beautiful semi-transparent effect completed with an antique brass effect crown. And Also a Limited Edition Bottle of our Romance fragrance, with a beautiful rose petal design. A unique blend for the heart & soul. Allow the happy union of palmarosa, bergamot and davana to appeal to the senses, setting a relaxed, romantic tone all presented in a beautiful Ashleigh & Burwood presentation box.

Kick off 2015 with a new fragrance

Out with the old and in with the new! As we move ever more forward into the New Year, now is the time to be bold and adventurous, and try something new. It’s time to step away from the warm and musky tones of December and into a crisp new fragrance for 2015, whether you’re looking to revamp that signature fragrance or if you’re new to the world of home fragrance and looking to breathe new life in to your home, we have 3 new and exciting fragrances that are guaranteed to have all your friends interested.

Watermelon & Cucumber

Fresh, juicy watermelon permeates the core of this fragrance, complemented by a soft floral heart of rose and ylang ylang resting on a warm sandalwood base. Top notes of citrus and cucumber complete this mouth-wateringly delicious scent.


A rousingly rich and aromatic accord of roasted coffee beans and chocolate melts into a warm, creamy finish, with hints of sweet vanilla and brown sugar.

Vine Tomato

Flourishing, verdant green notes enliven this scent, evoking vitality and health, whilst the sanguine sun-kissed fruit enjoy a playful affinity with verbena, creating a joyously bright and happy fragrance.



Live Your Festive Fantasy

Christmas is a time for sharing.  This year we’ve made sure there’s plenty on offer, not just for your loved ones but for you as well. We have specially selected some of our most luxurious and relaxing fragrances, designed to bring a seasonal bloom into your home. Whether you’re looking for a perfect gift or looking for a tempting treat for yourself, our Christmas Shop is full of interesting ideas to bring you that festive flourish.

Xmas Red & Gold Mosaic Collections L

We have divided our Christmas shop into two sections, Christmas Gift Ideas and Christmas Essentials.

Christmas Gift Ideas is the perfect place to find a gift that’s both sophisticated and seasonal. Inside you’ll find some of the finest fragrances and designs we have to offer. There’s some interesting stocking fillers, incredibly luxurious gift sets and some truly unique ideas, all beautifully designed to guarantee this Christmas will be one to remember.

If you’re looking for that perfect fragrance treat this festive season our Christmas Essentials could be exactly what you’re looking for. Why not introduce some indulgent warm fragrances into your home this winter? Our fragrance experts have worked hard to create some beautifully festive themed fragrances that give your home a flourish of festive individuality.  Find ideas to create a beautifully fragrant experience for your guests that will feel inviting and welcoming. You can create an experience that gives your home that personalised signature feel with a festive twist.

Whatever you’re wishing for this Christmas, our Christmas shop has got it all wrapped up.

6 Festively Fragrant Christmas Ideas

The Christmas season is a magical time of year full of colour and festivity, and decorating your home can take many forms from the traditional to the more modern approach. Whichever way you choose to adorn your décor, one element remains the same, creating a warm and merry atmosphere for you and your loved ones to relax and enjoy the merriment.

Creating the ultimate ambiance within the home has many factors in which to consider, for instance colour, lighting, style, arrangement, even the sense of smell can have a tremendous impact on the feel of ones surroundings. The right scent can bring on a flood of memories and even influence people’s moods.

Here’s a great run down of luxurious festive ideas to create and add to the perfect Christmas experience.

Xmas Mosaic Plates SQ

  1. Decorative Mosaic Plates make wonderful additions to festive center pieces. You can place a matching Fragrance Lamp, Scented Candles or even some holly and fairy lights to make a truly eye catching Christmas table display


  1. TSH Warm Winter Punch Home Fragrance SetScented Ceramic Stars will not only make your Christmas tree look fabulous, it will also smell scent-sational, creating a fantastic festive ambience. Part of the Festive Fragrance Collection Home Fragrance Sets by The Scented Home, they even come with a Reed Diffuser which can be placed in an opposite room to carry the scent through the home.



  1. Red & Gold Mosaic oil Burner Frag & Props SQCrackle Mosaic Oil Burners offer an attractive way to vaporise festive fragrance oils and scent the air within the home. They are also a great way to enhance a relaxed evening experience; the tea light will create a gentle soft glow within the room, whilst the sparkling glass oil burner diffuses your chosen festive scent into the air. Creating a relaxed sensual environment. A fantastic accompaniment to the soft pleasing glow of fairy lights.
  1. Reed Diffusers are an excellent way to scent your home throughout the day during the festive period. Not only are they a simple and decorative way to fragrance the home without smoke or flame, we have a variety of diffusers to suit your chosen decoration style. From the minimalist to the more extravagant.

TSH Noel DiffuserIf you are looking for something that looks both modern and stylish yet blends well with most décor, take a look at The Scented Home Reed Diffusers.  Each ones provides a great continued burst of fragrance and are designed for the ideal home fragrance environment.


A&B Diffuser Morrocan Spice P



Or if you want something a bit more eye catching our sparkling Mosaic Reed Diffusers will not disappoint.  For a bit of an alternative scent this Christmas why not give the exciting aromas of Moroccan Spice a try.


TSH Xmas Pomanders


  1. Scented Metal Pomanders are a beautiful scented decoration, which can be hung or placed around your home to add a delicate and creative touch of fragrance. Hang them around the Christmas tree or even along your mantel piece for a modern nostalgic look.



  1. Xmas Lamp Gift Set AW14As you probably know, Fragrance Lamps by Ashleigh & Burwood are the ultimate products to refresh the home being both highly functional and decorative pieces in their own right. With a wide variety to choose from there is certainly one to accent your chosen festive colour scheme. Team them with a Festive Lamp Fragrance and you have a winning Christmas duo.

NEC Copper Flecks

For more festive home fragrance product ideas visit our Christmas Essentials department of the Ashleigh and Burwood Christmas Shop.

Don’t forget to check back next week, for some great Christmas gift ideas.

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