The Arrival of Autumn

In a few weeks we will be welcoming the arrival of Autumn. what we would like to know is what fragrances do you like to use in your house during the Autumn?

Do you prefer a woody scent like Patchouli? Perhaps Oriental Spice? Or perhaps you prefer to live in denial and pretend you’re still on holiday with Coconut Paradise!?

Whatever you prefer we would love to hear it.

The Scented Home

Our Brand New Range

The Scented Home is a brand new range we have created. It has been designed as the ‘go to’ introductory range for anyone looking to create their ideal home.

Whether you are looking for your signature fragrance or just something new, The Scented Home is the first place you should look. We have a range of Scented Sachets as well as Scented Metal Pomanders coming soon that perfectly complement our already hugely successful reed diffuser range.

You will now be able to fragrance every aspect of an entire room with a combination of Sachets, Pomanders and Reed Diffusers. You could use the same fragrances all around your room or choose fragrances that complement each other to create an incredible atmosphere.

TSH Morrocan Spice

How To Guide: Get the most out of your Scented Candle

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Scented Candle?


Candles are one of the oldest and easiest methods of creating a warm or romantic ambience in the home. Although historically used for creating light and timekeeping, candles have become an essential part of creating an appeasing atmosphere. They can be lighted instantly and require minimum effort to maintain, they can transform a room within seconds with their beautiful fragrances and wonderful designs.

We believe a house isn’t a home until it is able to fulfil your every sense, and candles are an inexpensive and sensible way to complete your home.

Scented candles can range from just £5 to hundreds of pounds, based on the quality of the materials as well as the quality of the fragrance and the amount of fragrance used. But however much you choose to spend every candle is just as easy to set up and maintain as the last. However there are a few things you should be careful of, in order to get the most out of your scented candle.

How To Increase The Life Of Your Scented Candle?

ELY Moroccan Rose Candle

Although everyone knows how to light a candle, there are a few rules every candle user should abide by, not only to stay safe, but also get the most from their candle.
Firstly you want to ensure a smoke free candle; it can smell unpleasant and totally wreck the ambience you intended to create. The best way to do this is to keep your candle away from drafts and ensure the wick is trimmed to 7mm. The wick can also build up a carbon deposit on the tip and this should always be removed, however this usually only occurs when the wick need to be trimmed.
You must also make sure to leave the candle alight long enough for the pool of melted wax to reach the edge of the candle. This will prevent tunnelling and ensure you don’t waste the wax around the outside edge of your candle.
You also want to keep the wick centred to allow the wax to melt evenly, again preventing wastage.
And finally always be careful when using your candle, keep the flame away from flammable materials, keep the candle away from children or pets and never leave a candle unattended. A candle flame burns at over 1000°C so please be very careful.

Take a look at our range of Scented Candles.

Top 10 Most Popular Home Fragrances

Our List Of The Top 10 Most Popular Fragrances For Your Home

Picking a fragrance for your home can be a tough decision and choosing the right fragrance for the right room can be even harder. The need to create the right atmosphere in each room is crucial to creating the perfect home ambience. To make it that bit easier today we bring you our Top 10 Home Fragrances! (These statistics have been taken from our retail site sales statistics).


10 – Citrus Zest

An intensely bright and piquant aroma highlighted by fizzy notes of tangy lemon,juicy grapefruit and tangerine, creating an exceptional freshness. The additional scents of rosemary and lemongrass make this fragrance abundantly zesty, and sparkling with sunshine.

Citrus Zest is a clean and light fragrance best suited for setting the mood in Bathrooms or Kitchens.

Available as a Lamp Fragrance in both 500ml and 250ml bottles.


9 – Perfect Vanilla

A super-sweet and intense vanilla fragrance, combining sensual hints of coconut and caramel. Amber notes also add a subtly spicy element to this hazy and romantic fragrance.

Perfect Vanilla is a beautifully inviting fragrance best suited for hallways and entrances.

Available as a Lamp Fragrance in both 500ml and 250ml bottles.


8 – Orange and Cinnamon

Tangy orange is complemented with notes of grapefruit and mixed with strong notes of cinnamon and clove. Hints of ginger, anise and cilantro also add to this nostalgic fragrance which pays homage to old fashioned Christmas pomanders.

Orange and Cinnamon is a warm and relaxing Christmas like fragrance, perfectly suited to your lounge.

Available as a Lamp Fragrance in both 500ml and 250ml bottles.


7 – Arabian Spice

Seductive top notes of fruity orange and spicy ginger lead into a golden heart of patchouli, cocoa and tonka bean. Close your eyes and drift away on a magic carpet of fragrances!

Arabian Spice is a brilliant woody and spicy fragrance that would work well to set the mood in a study or a conservatory.

Available as a Lamp Fragrance in both 500ml and 250ml bottles. As well as a Diffuser and a Diffuser refill.


6 – Relaxation

A calming and soothing combination of delicate geranium, wild lavender and clary sage. This fragrance will aid in calming your senses and relieving stress, enabling you to really enjoy your relaxation time.

The perfect fragrance for wherever you need to relax and wind down.

Available as a lamp fragrance in a 500ml bottle.


5 – Moroccan Spice

Exciting aromas of a hot Moroccan souk combine with a rich blend of sticky honey, nutmeg and bergamot scents. Woody base notes of agarwood and sandalwood add earthy depth.

Another wonderful spicy and woody fragrance, it is much sweeter than Arabian Spice and better suited to a lounge.

Available as a lamp fragrance in both 500ml and 250ml bottles. As well as a Diffuser and a Diffuser Refill. And also as a Fragrance Oil. This fragrance will also be available as a Scented Sachet later in the year, head over to our website and hit the “notify me” link to make sure you are one of the first to know once they arrive.


4 – Lavender

The natural, calming scent of lavender is gently combined with hints of tea tree & eucalyptus. Delicate notes of violet and frangipani sweeten the fragrance to create a wonderfully relaxing scent.

A great fragrance for the bathroom or kitchen if you prefer a floral alternative to citrus zest.

Available as a lamp fragrance in both 500ml and 250ml bottles. As well as a Diffuser and a Diffuser Refill. And also as an Earth Secrets Diffuser.


3 – Oriental Spice

This oriental – inspired fragrance uses the spicey scent of star anise, warmed with notes of nutmeg and cinnamon. These are balanced with hints of clove and white ginger to create an exotic and arousing fragrance. If you liked our Epice D’or range, this is the same fragrance.

A Wonderful Sweet and Musky fragrance, perfectly balanced in between the musky Arabian Spice and sweet Moroccan Spice, great for a dining room or anywhere you would be likely to entertain.

Available as a lamp fragrance in both 500ml and 250ml bottles. As well as a Diffuser and a Diffuser Refill. And also as a Fragrance Oil. This fragrance will also be available as a Scented Sachet later in the year, head over to our website and hit the “notify me” link to make sure you are one of the first to know once they arrive.


2 – Jasmine & Tuberose

The distinctive floral scents of jasmine and tuberose are mixed with notes of ylang, orange blossom and clove. Soft musk, violet and rose notes add sweetness to this light, uplifting fragrance.

A popular inviting fragrance for your hallway or entrance, ideal if you prefer to be welcomed into your home by a floral fragrance.

Available as a lamp fragrance in both 500ml and 250ml bottles. As well as a Diffuser and a Diffuser Refill.This fragrance will also be available as a Scented Sachet and as a Pomander later in the year, head over to our website and hit the “notify me” link to make sure you are one of the first to know once they arrive.

And The Most Popular Fragrance Is…


1 – Fresh Linen

A wonderfully clean and airy fragrance, with elements of aloe and fragipani combined with notes of lavender and citrus. This fragrance evokes the feeling of catching the scent of clean white sheets blowing in a light breeze.

Fresh Linen is a fragrance so popular it is best used in any room for any occasion.

Available as a lamp fragrance in both 500ml and 250ml bottles. As well as a Diffuser and a Diffuser Refill. Also as a Fragrance Oil. This fragrance will also be available as a Scented Sachet later in the year, head over to our website and hit the “notify me” link to make sure you are one of the first to know once they arrive.


That concludes our round up of the 10 most popular home fragrances, stay tuned as we will be talking about how to get the most out of your scented candle next week. Subscribe to our blog by clicking on the ‘sign me up!’ button near the top of this page so that you dont forget!

In the meantime we would love to hear your favourite fragrances and which rooms you like to use them in, drop us a comment on the blog or head over to our Facebook page to chat to us.

How To Guide: Get the most out of your Fragrance Reed Diffuser

How to get the most out of your diffuser?

One of the most popular home fragrance products around today is the Fragrance Reed Diffuser. They are a common but very effective product when it comes to adding a beautiful aroma to any room in your household. They help you to create the ambience and atmosphere that turn a collection of rooms in a building into an actual home. That is in essence what home fragrance is all about. You wouldn’t typically sit in an empty room and call that your lounge; you would add decorations and furniture to create an atmosphere. That helps to appease most of your senses, but if you neglect to think of your sense of smell then you haven’t completely created the experience that you want in your home.

Today we are going to focus on Reed Diffusers as the home fragrance product of choice and how to get the most out them once you’ve decided which fragrance best suits the atmosphere you are trying to create in your home.

What is a Reed Diffuser?

Reed Diffusers - simply fragrance your home.So what is a Reed Diffuser? For those of you who haven’t yet come across these wonderfully simple home fragrance products then these Reed Diffusers are example from Ashleigh & Burwood.

Reed Diffusers from the Historic Royal Palaces range by Ashleigh & Burwood


Reed Diffusers typically consist of some kind of fragrance fuel, a vessel to contain the fuel and reeds or rattan sticks to help diffuse the fragrance from the vessel into your surroundings. There are miriad varieties available on the current home fragrance market. Some are very simple and inconspicuous, consisting of straight reeds and simple glass bottles filled with fragrance and some offer a more lavish style with swirly reed sticks and differnt coloured fragrances to match your decor and some even have artwork printed on porcelain containers which can be reused as other household items when the fragrance has run its course. Of course the simple (yet still effective) reed diffusers occupy the lower end of the price spectrum (around £5 – £8)  and the more creative products can run you up to £40 – £50!

The great thing about diffusers, whatever the cost, is that they are incredibly simple to set up and require little to no attention once they start working their magic. Get the fragrance into the vessel if the product does not already come pre-filled, add your reed sticks and position in your room and that’s it. Sit back and relax in the fantastic home ambience that you’ve just created! You definately deserve a nice cup of tea (or something stronger if that takes your fancy!)

Most diffusers are advertised as lasting for a varying amount of time depending on the size of the diffuser, but from experience a 200ml diffuser would typically fragrance a room from 1 – 3 months. That’s quite a varience, so how do you ensure that you get the most out of your diffuser? Let’s have a look…

So, how can you increase the lifetime of your diffuser and more efficient use of the fragrance.

There’s nothing worse than getting a few weeks of use out of your diffuser only to notice that you no longer get that superb fragrance experience as you walk into the room with the diffuser. So what can you do about this? Thankfully there are a couple of really simple ‘techniques’ if we can call them that to help you maximise your home fragrance experience before you end up shelling out for a brand new product or refill and here’s the not-so-secret secrets:

Position is key!

We’re not talking how close to the diffuser you sit, no that would be silly. It’s about positioning the room so that the fragrance utilises the airflow in the room, but not so much as to drain the fuel too quickly. You want a place in your chosen room that is asthetically pleasing and which sits at the beginning of the air cycle of that room, but not in such a place where there is too much airflow. Sticking the diffuser in front of an open window may get the fragrance flowing around the room very quickly, but you are going to find that the air current blowing over the sticks is going to cause the fuel to draw up through the reed far too quickly and sap all of the fragrance-cy goodness. The the hot tip here is to know your surroundings. Figure out the path of the air that circulate around your room and get the diffuser in a compromised position so that it’s in the middle of this journey. Get that just right and you’ll have optimum fragrance in the room with a maximised fragrance consumption. Just what you are looking for.

The tides can turn (and so they should)

One of the biggest issues (or non-issues as they should be called) for a reed diffuser is that the fragrance can stop diffusing around the room and yet there seems to still be plenty of fragrance liquid left in the bottle. So many people will throw the diffuser out thinking that it has come to the end of it’s usefulness. This is a misnomer and a very simple trick to educate yourself with can easily access every last drop of fragrance and get another 1 -2 weeks of use out of the diffuser. So what is this simple educational tip? It’s so simple you may actually ‘lol’…

Turn the reeds over.

Yep, just taking the reeds out of the diffuser, turning them upside down and putting them back into the diffuser can breathe life back into the diffuser and fragrance back into your home! It’s that easy. The ‘new’ tops of the reed sticks are now saturated with fragrance and the air flow can get hold of this as it’s no longer protected by the vessel and carry that fragrance all over the place. Simple, but oh so effective!

Go On Try It.

So that’s it. Two very simple ideas to get the most out of your reed diffuser. Remeber to get a fragrance that helps create the right atmosphere in the room that you want. Want to relax in the living room after a hard days’ work, Lavender is associated with relaxaition so try a Lavender Reed Diffuser.

Remember to position the diffuser in the right place in the room so that it catches the air flow but not at too strong a point. And if you notice that the fragrance is lacking but the liquid isn’t then turn over the reeds to soak up every last piece of ambience.

One last piece of advise that probably should have been included above is that remember if your chosen diffuser comes with 12 reeds, you don’t have to put them all in the diffuser straight away. More reeds create more surface area which means quicker to diffuse fragrance which in turn means more fragrance in the room, but ultimately less product life. Start off with 3 or 4 reeds and add more as you need them.

Follow this simple guide and you’ll have a simple product working it’s hardest just for you. And of course visitors will absolutely love the atmosphere you’ve created. They will be envious and you won’t be out of pocket from having to by diffuser refills every week or two.

Gorjuss Reed Diffusers – Charming Home Fragrance

Gorjuss Reed Diffusers – Decorative Home Fragrance

Gorjuss Reed Diffusers are an exclusive range manufactured by Ashleigh & Burwood and licensed by Santoro.

Each Gorjuss Reed Diffuser is beautifully packaged in its own gift box and contains 200ml of home fragrance. Each porcelain diffuser vase itself is adorned with the Gorjuss character artwork.

Each diffuser is a gorjuss way to fragrance the home without smoke or flame. The fragrance lasts for up to 3 months and the approximate size of each Gorjuss Reed Diffuser is 8.5cm in diameter and 30cm high.

There are 5 Gorjuss fragrance to choose from each with their own artwork:

Santoro Gorjuss  | Reed Diffuser - Fairy Lights


Delightfully nostalgic notes of sweet, powdery violets and dreamy lavender combined with a delicate hint of iris. Just gorjuss!

View More / Buy Now: Gorjuss Reed Diffuser – Fairy Lights

Santoro Gorjuss  | Reed Diffuser - Ruby


A charming combination of soft rosebuds, sweet raspberries and smooth vanilla. Lifted with gentle hints of jasmine and geranium.

View More / Buy Now: Gorjuss Reed Diffuser – Ruby

Santoro Gorjuss  | Reed Diffuser - I Found My Family In A Book


Vintage leather melds into black rose, violet and jasmine, enriched with dark damson, cassis berries and smoky nutmeg.

View More / Buy Now: Gorjuss Reed Diffuser – I Found My Family In A Book

Santoro Gorjuss  | Reed Diffuser - I Gave You My Heart


Radiant rose together with powdery elements of iris enriched with warm vanilla, jasmine, white tea, and a delicate amber musk base.

View More / Buy Now: Gorjuss Reed Diffuser – I Gave You My Heart

Santoro Gorjuss  | Reed Diffuser - The White Rabbit


A dreamy fragrance of fresh bergamot and bright citrus, together with wistful jasmine and dusky sandalwood.

View More / Buy Now: Gorjuss Reed Diffuser – The White Rabbit

To explore and discover the rest of the Home Fragrance collection and all other similar items by Ashleigh & Burwood head on over to our website:

Gorjuss - Reed Diffuser, Scented Candle

Gorjuss – Reed Diffuser, Scented Candle

Its A Boy!

Why not feel part of the celebrations from outside Buckingham Palace, from the comfort of your own home with our Buckingham fragrance collection!