Fragrance Training

You may have noticed that we went a bit quiet earlier this week… well that’s because we spent Wednesday and Thursday with the fabulous Roja Dove for The Fragrance Foundation Academy Training! As home fragrance experts we believe you can never know too much and Roja positively enthralled us with both his nose and his knowledge.

We spent Wednesday exploring extraction methods and fragrance types, with Roja further training our noses and introducing us to a whole new method of sampling fragrance. Thursday was spent finely tuning the skills and knowledge we had picked up the day before, we were even able to treat our senses to some of the finest oils in the world (though the ‘interesting’ smell of civet oil was one we’ll happily leave in the past). Roja took us on a journey through the history of perfumery to conclude the day, from tales of François Coty and René Lalique to Christian Dior and Estée Lauder. We were completely absorbed. We’re convinced that Roja Dove is quite possibly the most engaging man on the planet, never mind his expertise in fragrance.