Fireplace Envy

As the winter evenings draw in a roaring fireplace is set to become the cosy heart of the home. Fireplaces are the perfect complement to chilly evenings snuggled up in woolly jumpers with a mug of hot chocolate and plenty of marshmallows. We’ve collected some of our favourite fabulous fireplaces that we’re lusting after below, plus some inspiration for decorating for the season ahead!

Let’s start simple with this adorable, rustic round fireplace that would turn any home into a comforting Hobbit hole.

By Cira 78 Designs on Instagram

If your tastes run a little bit more extravagant however, there’s this gorgeous Victorian-style marble piece.

Timeless master bedroom mantel we worked on a few years back

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By Sherry Hayslip Interiors on Instagram

Or maybe the futuristic vibe captured by these crazy floating glass fires is more your style?

By Home Decor Luxury on Instagram

Of course even a simple fireplaces can be given an exciting twist by adding a splash of colour, like this sunny yellow.

By Chez Dazzle_p on Instagram

Decorating your fireplace is also a great way to get your home looking festive, whether it’s bringing in a bit of autumnal spirit:

By DesignerTrappedInALawyersBody on Instagram

Or some Hallowe’en spookiness:

By Kirsten Krupps on Instagram

Or Christmas cheer!

And relax #hohoho #fireplace #stockings #christmasfireplace

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By Joanna Jury on Instagram

But we know that we’re not all lucky enough to have the fireplace of our dreams in our home and while these beautiful fireplaces might have us longing for evenings cold enough to light up a fire, until then a room filled with the warm, woody scent of a Log Fires candle with smoky notes of vetivert which evoke the same cosy atmosphere!