Cleanse Your Home with amora™

Harmonia Green PortraitThe bank holiday weekend is a great time to get on top of the house work that may have been piling up, whether that means having a good old clear out or opting for a total overhaul. As you’re refreshing you home, don’t forget to also cleanse the air in your living space! You can use your amora™ Scent Hub to rid your home of airborne bacteria and undesirable odours, surrounding you and your family with the healthier, blissfully fragrant air you desire.

Amora Oils SS16 P

amora™ Scent Hubs generate negative ions that collide with undesirable airborne particles, such as dust or smoke, giving these particles a charge. Once charged, these particles become attracted to other particles, grouping together and eventually becoming heavy enough to fall to the ground, removing them from the air in your home. This process occurs whilst the Scent Hub fragrances your home with 100% pure, 100% natural essential oils – giving your living space the refresh it needs!