Get Ready for Rio!

With the 2016 Olympics being hosted in Rio de Janeiro it’s no surprise that all things bright and tropical are well and truly in this August! It’s time to embrace sizzling style with hot pinks, leafy greens and bursts of bright hues all inspired by Brazil!

Add extra Rio flare to your home with tropical fragrance and heady, exotic floral notes.


Classic Mosaic Oil Burner – Purple Rain, Ashleigh & Burwood £13.99

A carnival of colour bursting with vibrant pink and sky blue! Make a statement with this unique Oil Burner.


Mojito Reed diffuser, The Scented Home £13.49

A quick squeeze of lime and a sprinkle of sweetness on a bed of crushed mint leaves blend to recreate the scent of this classic rum-based cocktail!


Opalescent Bamboo Fragrance Lamp, Ashleigh & Burwood £45

Inspired by nature, preserved in this simple Fragrance Lamp is real bamboo. Perfect for adding a touch of tropic to your home!


Mai Tai Scented Candle, The Fine Fragrance Company £20

You’ll fill like you’re relaxing in a beach bar in Rio with the scent of this fruity cocktail-inspired fragrance – a mixture of lime and pineapple notes!


Coconut & Lychee Lamp Fragrance, Ashleigh & Burwood £12

Top notes of lemon and lime on a heart of exotic flora mingle with fresh creamy coconut and a nuance of lychee to create a fragrance bursting with summery sweetness!

PFL407-Damson in Distress

Damson in Distress Fragrance Lamp, Ashleigh & Burwood £24.99

Add a pop of colour to your home with this statement Fragrance Lamp!


Lunar Storm Fragrance Lamp, Ashleigh & Burwood £27.50

Deep blues and silvers are softened with touches of dusky pink, reminiscent of a beautiful beach sunset.


Wild Frangipani Scented Candle, The Fine Fragrance Company £20

Sensual ylang ylang blends with wild frangipani blossoms creating a warm floral fragrance reminiscent of balmy Rio nights!


Green Fern Leaf Fragrance Lamp, Ashleigh & Burwood £45

Add a touch of tropical greenery to your home with this simple Fragrance Lamp.