Fragrancing Your Garden

You’d be forgiven for forgetting about the plot of land that came with your home, so used are we to hiding indoors from the grey clouds and seemingly endless rain showers. As the sun has begun to make a (fairly) regular appearance, you may have recently rediscovered your garden, spending more time outdoors and beginning to make a beautiful outside area to enjoy.

Scented candles and gorgeous summer fragrance needn’t be limited to inside the home and can be used to enhance your garden, adding simple, beautiful touches and creating a soothing, romantic ambience.


As evening draws in, if you’re dining alfresco you can create a romantic atmosphere using a simple centrepiece. Surround an Escapology Scented Candle with Scented Votives to create a strong glimmer and harmonising scent. You can fragrance layer by mixing scents, for example we like to surround a Seychelles Scented Candle with Madagascan Vanilla Votives to create a richer, creamier fragrance, or enhance your chosen scent by sticking to one fragrance type.

ELY Sechelles Candle L copy - CopyDecorate Potted Plants and Shrubbery

Hang Scented Metal Pomanders and Scented Ceramics from stems and branches to decorate your garden. Pick floral scents for a gentle whisper of beautiful summer fragrance even when your flowers are not in bloom!

TSH Jamine and Tuberose Poms LUpcycle

Use empty candle holders to plant small succulents and display freshly-picked flowers. This is a quaint and unique way to add more colour to your garden, whether you opt to decorate outdoor furniture with upcycled holders or disperse them amongst your potted plants.


Will you decorate your garden with fragrance this summer? We’d love to see pictures!