Get Ready for Summer

Summer in the UK can be a somewhat… testing time. From scorching heat and glorious sunshine in the morning to sudden, unexplained torrential rainfall in the afternoon, the best way to survive a British summer is to expect the unexpected. And to dramatically lower those expectations.

Whatever the weather (and as the last few weeks have proved, it really could be anything), you can induce that summer feeling by filling your home with the familiar scents of the season. Unsure of the perfect summer feel-good fragrance for your living space? Check out our Top 10 Summery scents!

Sea Spray, The Scented Home £13.49

A blast of fresh eucalyptus leaf blended with yuzu on a deep base of wood notes forms a wave of sea air instantly reminiscent of walking along a sun-drenched beach. Bliss.


Peony, The Scented Home £13.49

These stunning flowers are a treat for both the eyes and the nose! Only in season for a short while each year, we wanted you to be able to enjoy peonies’ heady fragrance even when they’re no longer in bloom. We’ve blended their sweet, floral scent with a hint of crisp red apple to create a refreshing floral fragrance to help you prolong your bouquet!


Coconut & Lychee, Lamp Fragrance £12

Sweet, exotic coconut cream meets tropical lychee in this soft summer blend. Reminiscent of delicious fruit punch, transport your senses to a beach bar in the Caribbean!


Mai Tai, The Fine Fragrance Company £20

Another cocktail-inspired blend that’ll bring back glorious summer memories! This sweet, scented candle mixes lime with pineapple. Delicious!

TSH Mojito L

Mojito, The Scented Home £13.49

Invigorating and refreshing just like the classic cocktail, Mojito blends a zesty squeeze of lime on a bed of crushed mint leaves with a sprinkle of brown sugar for a sharp hint of sweetness!


Seychelles, Escapology £17.99

Inspired by the stunning holiday destination, Seychelles blends tropical ylang ylang with red fruits and a sweet, creamy heart of coconut and vanilla. The perfect fragrance to get you excited for your next beach holiday!


Koh Samui, Escapology £17.99

Inspired by captivating locations from around the world, the Escapology range takes us to Koh Samui in this exotic blend. Soft floral notes of jasmine and neroli soar above a spicy core of cloves and orange blossom to create a beautiful tropical fragrance.


Water Lily, Lamp Fragrance £12

A beautifully tranquil blend of lily and fresh ozonic watery notes creates a soothing fragrance perfect for instilling the feel of a relaxed summer’s day at the park!

What’s  your favourite summer scent?