The Scents of the Summer

Try not to look out the window as you read this, it’ll only ruin your optimism that summer is on its way.

Summer in London
Summer in London

You’d be forgiven  for not realising, but at long last it’s technically, basically summer. We’ve somehow been magically transported directly from January straight to June it seems, which may explain why the weather is still struggling to catch up. Thankfully sunny weather isn’t a prerequisite for filling your home with the summery scents you’ve been pining for since last year. Those wistful, ‘holiday’ scents such as Sea Spray and Coconut & Lychee which seem to instantly transport you from the grey UK skies to… well, anywhere really.

Anywhere has to be better than this.

PIcnic anyone?
Picnic anyone?

It’s those breezy, sugary scents that carry with them all the joys of summer, no matter the weather. Their infinite cheeriness offering a blast of warm air from summers past. Summers where the sun actually made an appearance. It could be that famed British stoicism or it could be the gentle breeze of our new Mojito fragrance enveloping Ashleigh & Burwood HQ (the perfect scent to set off the weekend), but we feel pretty certain that beyond the mass of grey, ominous clouds and behind that veil of rain – too light to warrant an umbrella but heavy enough to ruin everything – pub gardens, barbecues and days at the seaside lie ahead!

One day... one day.
One day… one day.