Prolong Your Peonies

At last it’s time for peonies to bloom, their stunning petals flourishing in all manner of pinks, yellows and summer-ready corals. If you’re lucky enough to have achieved growing peonies in your garden, no doubt May and June are months you look forward to year after year to see the return of this beautiful flower. The sensual fragrance of a fresh peony just as it unfolds is the perfect spring scent to capture in your home, prolonging the presence of the flower before it returns into hibernation until next year. The Scented Home Peony fragrance blends the exquisite scent of a bouquet of peonies, voluptuous petals accented with verdant green stems, with the sweetness of crisp, red apples.


Breathe the gentle peony perfume into your home by hanging The Scented Home Peony Scented Ceramics around your living space, or inside cupboards and wardrobes to unleash a fresh floral symphony. Never lose the spring scent of the peony with The Scented Home refresher spray, keep your ceramics and home charged with this seductive scent.


Complement a bouquet of peonies with The Scented Home Peony reed diffuser, place a vessel near your display of peonies and let the fragrance merge with and enhance the natural scent of the fresh blooms, encouraging it to linger long after your peonies have vacated your home.