Let The Sun Shine This Weekend!

British weather is notoriously unpredictable, if it weren’t we’d have nothing to talk about, so we’ve learnt to accept it. Clearly we’ve been getting complacent as this week… it snowed. It actually snowed. In April. In spring. We’re not sure what to think, or who to believe – not the weathercaster, that’s for sure.

With the bank holiday weekend approaching, we’re all hoping for one thing – no more snow, just a bit of sun. Now we know that in terms of weather quite literally anything can happen, we think it’s time to explore some other ways to make it feel as though spring is here and summer’s on its way!

You’re not wanted here, snow.

Add a touch of sunshine to your home with the new SS16 fragrances from The Scented Home, each created to transport you to warmer seasons.

Longing for Spring?



Bluebell Wood

Familiar floral notes of bluebell and verdant crisp, green leaves are reminiscent of beautiful woodland shrouded in a carpet of bluebells. Soft breaths of hyacinth and lily of the valley add an evocative touch, transporting you to the great outdoors on a glorious spring day.


A stunning bouquet of peonies accompanied by blooms of jasmine, carnation and soft, velvety rose blend with a hint of sweet red apple to create an uplifting, airy floral blend.

Can’t Wait until Summer?



Sea Spray

Cooling and aquatic, a hint of fresh peppermint and eucalyptus leaf sparkle amongst notes of yuzu and intense woods to form a strong splash of sea air that’s good for the soul!


A dash of lime on a bed of crushed mint leaves creates an intense, zesty blend that’ll certainly wake you up! Though sadly not drinkable, Mojito will transport you to a sunny beach bar where the weather is always warm.

Whatever the weather decides to do, we hope you have a wonderful bank holiday weekend!