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For us, there’s nothing better than discovering a new fragrance, but when you’re confronted with what seems like hundreds of different scents and notes, knowing where to begin can be tricky! The Fragrance Finder breaks down this process for you, helping you explore the different types of scent to discover the perfect fragrance for you and your home.

We’ve divided our fragrances into families, breaking down your preferences to make your decision easier. Whether you’re looking for a new scent for your home or a gift, the Fragrance Finder is ready to match you with the perfect scent, teaching you about the types of fragrance you love and breaking down the process of discovering new scents for your home!



A very popular fragrance family that most will be familiar with! Florals are heady and feminine, brimming with the scent of bright bouquets. Floral fragrances can be broken down into Soft Floral or Oriental Floral, find out which is the best floral fragrance family for you.




Bursting with nature, fresh fragrances vary between natural scents, with notes such as tea or essential oil blends, green scents inspired by nature, and water fragrances which are refreshing and often ‘icy’!


Spice & Wood


Warm and fiery fragrances make up the Spice & Wood family, deep harmonies able to withstand the test of time. These ‘darker’ fragrances often have an earthy relish, with notes such as mossy or dry woods.




For the foodie in you! Gourmet fragrances can be bright and zesty, brimming with juicy notes, or deep, creamy and sugary. Which do you prefer?


Find your fragrance match!