Why we Love March!

  1. The 1st Day of Spring

Goodbye winter, so long cold! Hello spring flowers, longer days and the promise of summer.

2. Spring Cleaning

Okay, maybe not spring cleaning but when the house has been spring cleaned. There’s nothing like the feeling of a newly decluttered home.

3. Daylight

Remember daylight? We last saw it some time around October. It was great, and it’s coming back!

4. Longer Days

No longer must you begin your day in the dark only to end it in the dark! Which can only mean…

5. Alfresco Dining

More time outdoors eventually leads to doing virtually everything outdoors, and our favourite thing to do outside is eat, drink and be merry!

6. Blossom

As spring draws in, the streets become littered with dustings of beautiful blossom, making everything look that much prettier!

7. Bluebells

There’s nothing more beautiful than a carpet of blue, as dainty little bluebells begin to transform our woodlands!

8. New Life

Lambs, chicks and calves! Springtime brings with it new life and some adorable baby animals.

9. The Great Outdoors

Finally, a chance to get some fresh air! Children can begin playing outside again and the garden suddenly becomes our favourite part of the home.

10. Spring Fragrance

Floral fragrances and light fruity notes make the house seem so much more airy!

Springtime is approaching, make sure your mum doesn’t miss out on the beautiful blooms that appear this time of year. Dominant notes of bluebells are surrounded by crisp green leaves and soft breaths of lily of the valley in this nostalgic fragrance.

Bluebell Wood Reed Diffuser, £13.49

11. National Fragrance Day

National Fragrance Day is on Monday 21st of this month! Find out more in our next blog post…