Treat Mum to a Relaxing Day, Every Day

Flowers are lovely, so are chocolates. But do you know what’s even nicer? Some peace and quiet.

Give your mum a chance to lie back and let her mind relax and reboot this Mother’s Day. We’re not talking about a spa day, spa days come to an end. We’re talking about a spa experience she can take advantage of whenever she feels the need, in the comfort of her own home.

By adding a few drops of amora™ Pure Essential Oil into any amora™ Scent Hub, it becomes an ultrasonic diffuser, releasing a fine, scented mist into the air.  Your mum can choose any Pure Essential Oil from the amora™ range that she feels most in need of, from Relax Me (likely) to Calm Me Down (very likely) and experience the mood enhancing benefits of aromatherapy. Whilst the air fills with the rejuvenating scent of 100% pure and natural essential oil blends, the amora™ Scent Hub emits ambient mood lighting, perfectly emanating the soothing feel of the spa.

Apollo & Harmonia

The two most advanced hubs, both Apollo and Harmonia feature a colour-changing LED light and inbuilt Bluetooth speaker controllable via smartphone, Tablet or MP3 device. Perfect for creating a soothing multisensory experience so mum can focus on nothing but herself – if only for five minutes!


Its intricate design inspired by lanterns, Terra emits a soft and relaxing alongside its fine, scented mist, to create a calm and indulgent ambience.



A Scent Hub with classic style, Calliope’s hand molded design is also inspired by traditional paper lanterns. Set this up on mum’s bedside table so she can fully unwind!


The natural aesthetic of Flora echoes the feel of the spa, perfect for helping mum to transport to a state of pure relaxation in the comfort of her own home.


A Scent Hub with a simple, minimalist design perfect for a contemporary home. Neptune has the additional benefit of a remote control with three timer settings!