Embrace the Elements

As the world around us becomes increasingly more connected by technology, we find it even harder to disconnect. The constant stimulation of emails, phone calls, news and images at your fingertips can be exhausting. It seems to have become second nature to most of us to always be looking at a device, leaving no real time to unplug and recharge, when in fact it’s when we’re completely unplugged that we’re at our best and do some of our best thinking. Consider how at ease you are when in the bath or shower, taking a walk or getting back to nature and embracing the elements – the pure, vitalising properties of land, sea, fire and sky. Allowing your home to become a sanctuary where you can reconnect with these elements and let yourself unplug and recharge can do wonders for your well-being.

Element: Earth

Get back in touch with nature and immerse your home in rich, earthy tones such as amber, the sensual fragrance note which provides an almost organic feel. Deep floral notes also emit a distinct earthiness which will help you to ease out of work-mode and reconnect with nature.

White Petal And Amber Fragrance L.jpg

A core of white flora and dewy rose blends with a rich base of amber and blond woods, creating a deep and indulgent fragrance with a raw and primitive feel.

White Petal & Amber Lamp Fragrance

Element: Air

Embrace serenity and freedom with the element of air – evocative of dreams and imagination. Filling your living space with soft, effervescent fragrances creates an air of pared back elegance and simplicity, evoking cleanliness.

F&N_Fresh Linen L.jpg

Clean and airy, elements of aloe and frangipani blend with lavender, evoking the ethereal scent and image of clean white sheets blowing in the breeze.

Fresh Linen Lamp Fragrance

Element: Water

Known for being a symbol of optimism and restoration, create a soothing environment of simplicity and comfort in your home with cleansing watery notes. Ozonic fragrances need not be limited to the bathroom, release the healing power of water into your home to create a calm and quiet sanctuary for you to fully recharge in.

PFL Waterlilly L.jpg

Fresh, watery notes mingle with floral blooms of white jasmine and lily of valley to form a serene fragrance inspired by the spirituality of water lilies.

Water Lily Lamp Fragrance

Element: Fire

The element most expressive of passion, fire is provocative, able to stir emotions and spark creativity. Embrace this full-bodied element to help yourself burst out of the confines of your daily routine. Exotic fragrances inspired by warm destinations will create a ‘heat’ in your home, helping you to brush off the work day and take some time for yourself.


Orange Flower & Amber Lamp Fragrance