How to do Christmas in Style: Decorating the Tree!

There are few things more magical and Christmassy than a beautifully decorated tree! Putting up the Christmas tree each year is a ritual that lets you and your household know that Christmas is well and truly here now, and is a decorating effort to be really proud of. But how exactly do you achieve the perfect Christmas tree? We’ve put together some of Ashleigh & Burwoods top tree-decorating tips to help you bring Christmas to life this year!

1. Give it a Shake!

Perhaps not literally, unless you want pine needles everywhere. Give your tree a good spruce to ensure there aren’t too many gaps between branches, if you have an artificial tree, this is just a case of bending a few branches to fill in sparse bits, for a real tree try filling gaps with decorations such as beaded garlands and lights.


2. Lights On!

If you can get them untangled that is. You probably felt quite smug as you methodically wrapped them round a bit of cardboard before packing them away last year, didn’t you? Well they’ve still somehow found a way to tangle up. They always do.

If you do find yourself dashing out in a frantic fairy lights search, make sure you pick up an extra box – the more lights the better! Extra lights means less dark patches, helping to fill out any sparse sections of your tree and really light up the room to make your decorations sparkle.


3. Check out new Trends

Although Christmas is a time for tradition, checking out new trends can help give your decorations a bit of an update. If you used red and gold baubles this year, it could be as simple a change as using silver and gold this year to nail the metallic trend, check out this year’s top trends for inspiration.

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4. Get Even.

The key to a well decorated tree? Make sure it’s decorated evenly.

If you’ve opted to decorate using two or more colours, make sure you haven’t grouped too many of the same colour together, keep the colours alternated for the best effect! Try taking a step back to have a good look at your tree and which areas could do with a few more baubles and which could do with a few less.


5. Get Scenting!

This year it’s all about adding fragrance to your tree (a trend we love!), this is a particularly great element to add if you’re opting for an artificial tree, but don’t want to miss out on that gorgeous Christmas tree smell!

Hang Scented Metal Pomanders from your tree as part of your decorations, not only will they contribute to the overall look of your tree, but they’ll also release a gentle festive scent, from Warm Winter Punch to White Christmas!


6. Cover all Angles

Consider which way you’ll be facing your tree. If your tree is in front of a window for example, make sure you spend as much time decorating the back as you do the front so that it looks just as beautiful when looking from the outside in!


Once you’ve finished decorating your tree, head over to our Facebook page and post an image to be in with a chance of winning a Scented Metal Pomander to add to your decorations, your tree could also end up on our blog!