Bring the Spa Home

There are 101 (possibly more) stresses bound to modern life, so much so that we often don’t even notice the stress we carry around with us every day. From work, home, money and everything in between, it’s easy to find your shoulders hunching closer and closer to your ears, and a lot harder to bring them down again. Since we don’t always physically see the negative effects of stress, we often overlook how detrimental it is to our health. But here at Ashleigh & Burwood we reckon it’s time to make a few changes. It’s time to squeeze in some much needed ‘me time’ (and refuse to feel guilty about it). You can take 10 minutes, you can take whatever time you have, but even the shortest of weekly pampering sessions has got to do us some good, hasn’t it?

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Apollo, £75

As nice as it would be to have both the time and budget to make it to the spa on a regular basis, for most this is just unrealistic – but we don’t think that should mean missing out. If you can’t make it to the spa, bring the spa to you.

Imagine the serene lighting and infinitely soothing scent of pure essential oils easing you into pure relaxation… it’s as easy as switching on your Amora™ Scent Hub. You don’t even have to sit down (though we’d prefer it if you did. Bonus points if you manage to find a few minutes to lie down), just let your ultrasonic diffuser fill your home with essential oils, allowing you to experience the mood-enhancing benefits of aromatherapy.

What do you need?


Relax, try:

Relax MeAM-OIL01

A gentle blend of lavender and geranium, lovingly created with stress as the enemy. Lavender essential oil eases sleeplessness and anxiety, whilst geranium helps to relieve any pent up emotion.

Calm Me Down

AM-OIL04Cedarwood acts as a mild sedative, creating a calming effect on the mind and stimulating the production of melatonin, whilst chamomile essential oil helps to eliminate feelings of sadness, restoring an overall feeling of calm and wellbeing.

Sleep, try:


Let lavender ease you into a blissful lethargy whilst clary sage envelops you, stimulating a sense of calm and tranquillity.

Deep Breath

AM-OIL03Ease respiratory issues to help get a good night’s sleep, with cool, refreshing eucalyptus to ease mental sluggishness, as well as mind-clearing peppermint.

Smile, try:

Make Me HappyAM-OIL02

A bright citrus blend full of bounce, with mood-lifting sweet orange, energising bergamot, and a touch of frankincense to induce a sense of peace and contentment.

Energise, try:

Energise Me

AM-OIL06Let grapefruit fill you with hope and positivity whilst ginger essential oil reduces feelings of anxiety and exhaustion.

Focus My MindAM-OIL07

Rosemary acts as a cognitive stimulant, thought to improve memory and increase focus and circulation, whilst lemon essential oil refreshes and creates a positive mind-set.