Guest Post: Rosie Ladkin’s Top 10 Ways to Have the Perfect Autumn Night In!

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The nights are drawing in, it’s all getting a little bit more chilly and there is nothing more appealing than switching your night out in silly shoes and a dress you can’t really walk in for a night in with your slippers and joggers – it’s just a little too grey to step foot outside, or get too dressed up after a busy day!

So here are my 10 steps to the perfect Autumn night in to help ease you into these chilly evenings!

1. Make the House Look Pretty

Just hanging a couple of decorations up, or dimming the lights can make a huge difference to your mood for the evening! I love this Ashleigh & Burwood ‘Enchanted Forest’ Pomander, perfect as a decoration now but even more perfect when the nights get really cold and my Christmas Tree goes up – you can bet this baby is going to be hanging there overseeing the festivities – it’s little ribbon makes it perfect for hanging on the tree! 🙂

2. Get Social

Just because it’s a night in doesn’t mean you can’t socialise – get a few friends over – but make it friends that you can wear your really embarrassing pink fluffy socks around with (preferably those who their own equally emabarassing pair, who can bring theirs too!).

3. Wear Those Comfy Socks!

In fact, pick out the comfiest, snuggliest things in your wardrobe and wear them. Tell your guests that the dress code is “cosy and comfy” and enjoy it! (If you look close enough at the picture, you can see my fluffy socks reflected in the Pomander!).

4. Cook

There is nothing more cosy for an autumn night in that good home-cooked food. It doesn’t need to be anything fancy, but something hearty and preferably full of carbs will certainly do the trick! A cheeky spag bol, or some cauliflower cheese with extra bacon bits (unless your guests are veggie!) would go down really, really well! Yum!

5. Light Candles

When it’s getting darker earlier outside, why not light some candles inside – not only will it make your house smell INCREDIBLE, but when you see the candle light flickering away it really does feel a little bit more festive and cosy!

This one is Ashleigh & Burwood’s Kerala Spice scent – it’s a really rich, warm, spicy scent with hints of cinnamon and clementine (both of which are scents I know I associate with autumn and winter!). It feels very cosy and festive with this one flickering away!

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6. Cushions and Trays

This is why it can’t be normal “dinner party friends” – it’s all very well getting dressed up in all your finery the rest of the year, and sitting at the dining table, but when it gets to autumn, the perfect way to have a cosy night in is sitting on sofas or cushions and eating there – use a tray to avoid any spillages, but cushions, sofas and blankets are a MUST!

7. Crack Open a Bottle… or Two… or Three! [Hic!]

Curling up with your closest friends and having a good gossip and a few drinks – sounds great to me!

8. Instead of Watching X Factor’s Latest Pitch for Christmas Number 1, Turn the TV Off!

You’ve got your closest, and inevitably silliest friends over – tell each other stories, and LAUGH!

Laughter is one of the best ways to fight off the old S.A.D when the weather gets colder and everything is a bit dark and grey, so have a good old giggle!

9. Put Something That Smells Amazing in the Bathroom

Trust me – nothing spoils a calm and cosy autumn mood more than a bad bathroom smell wafting down the hallway! This Lily & Jasmine reed diffuser is perfect with its floral scene mingling with sandalwood – looks gorgeous too! I also seriously recommend the White Cedar & Bergamot reed diffuser; such an amazing scent – it’s a woody kind of scent with a cedarwood and mahogany base but with these wonderful zingy notes on top – I love it! 🙂 Also, both of these contain notes which can help you unwind whilst in a warm autumn bath!

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10. Have a Sleepover

If these really are your closest friend who you can be completely you and TOTALLY SILLY with, then let the wine flow, and don’t worry about getting taxi’s home. Get them to bring onesies or big fluffy dressing gowns and fall back into the days when you used to turn your parents living room into a dorm room for a huge group sleepover!

One of the best things about being a grown up – you can choose to be a child again whenever you want!

Have fun!

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