Travel with your home fragrance

Don’t leave your home fragrance in the house, it makes a great car companion!

Some car air fresheners lose their scent after a matter of weeks, offering a quick burst of fragrance on the day of purchase before rapidly fading to nothing. It’s time to get scent savvy. Your car picks up bad odours just as easily as the home – muddy shoes, mucky dogs and murky weather all see to that!

Our Scented Sachets from The Scented Home® have many uses, and that handy ribbon looped though them means that they can be hung just about anywhere. The daily commute to and from work and extended periods of time spent in your car can make it feel like a home away from home, so make sure you’re always surrounded by fresh and sumptuous scents. With a lifespan of up to two months, Scented Sachets can offer your car a bit of TLC, reminding you of home when you’re on the road.
Ashleigh & Burwood Peach & Passion Fruit Scented Sachet

Available in packs of 3 for £5, divide your Scented Sachets between the car and your home, or keep them all exclusively for travelling! Unlike typical car air fresheners, our Scented Sachets can be topped up if their scent begins to fade or you become too used to their fragrance – simply give your sachet a boost with a quick spritz of a Home Spray. Their sleek, cylindrical design makes our Home Sprays from The Scented Home® compact enough to stow away in the glove compartment, ready for you to refresh your Scented Sachet or spray directly into the air within your car.

Ashleigh & Burwood A Thousand Rose Petals Room Spray

At Ashleigh & Burwood we’re passionate about home fragrance and believe that you deserve to be surrounded by quality scents wherever you may be!