International Coffee Day 2015!

The first official International Coffee Day takes place on the 1st October, as appointed earlier this year by the Executive Director of the International Coffee Organisation. Didn’t know that was a thing? No, us neither, but we’ll hop on board any opportunity to celebrate coffee!

So what actually is International Coffee Day?

Quite simply, a day to celebrate all things coffee, and to support the millions of farmers who depend on your morning pick-me-up to make a living. The ICO have even teamed up with Oxfam to form a campaign based around the Neapolitan tradition of ordering a ‘caffé sospeso’ – paying for two coffees but only receiving one. This kind gesture means that there is a paid-for coffee available when a person in need comes into the coffee bar.

The campaign, “Caffé Sospeso Against Poverty” will enable coffee lovers to show solidarity with smallholder coffee farmers by donating the value of an additional cup of coffee to Oxfams’ work with farmers. You can look out for all kinds of events taking place around the UK to celebrate International Coffee Day (including special deals and offers!), or why not extend International Coffee Day into a Coffee Week with some of these delicious recipes and reasons to love coffee!


  1. Coffee was discovered by goats

Super-intelligent goats.

No, not really, but according to many historians coffee was discovered in Ethiopia after a herder discovered increased energy and ‘dancing’ in his goats after they consumed coffee plants!

  1. Drinking coffee can boost your metabolism

Studies have shown that caffeine can cause an increase in metabolic rate by 3-11%, likely to be caused by the stimulant effects of caffeine on the nervous system, which sends signals to fat cells telling them to break down fat. However this increase in metabolic rate is sadly only a short term effect of coffee consumption! Still, worth a try…


  1. Just the smell of coffee can wake you up!

Studies have shown that experiencing the scent of coffee stimulates different levels of activity in 17 genes in the brain. In fact, there are around 800 compounds in coffee and many of these are powerfully linked to scent! Trying to cut down on your caffeine intake? Scent your home with our Cappuccino lamp fragrance instead – its’ mouth-watering scent alone should help you to jump out of bed in the morning!


  1. Coffee is actually a fruit!

Coffee beans are the seeds of the coffee plant, a red or purple fruit that is often compared to a cherry. Despite their seed status, they’re referred to as ‘beans’ due to their shape!

  1. How to make a delicious Iced Coffee at home


  1. There have been FIVE attempts to ban coffee!
  1. Coffee was initially banned in Mecca in 1511 as leaders believed it stimulated radical thinking.
  2. Later on in the 16th century when coffee arrived to Europe clergymen pressed for it to be banned, accusing it of being ‘satanic’. However, Pope Clement VIII took a taste, loved it, and suggested it be baptised. Following the strength of this papal blessing, coffeehouses rapidly became fixtures throughout Europe.
  3. Coffee became a taboo for the third time In 1623, when Murad IV took to the Ottoman throne and quickly forbade it, even enforcing penalties for those caught with coffee! Punishments included being sewn into a leather bag and thrown into the waters of the Bosporus for second-time offenders.
  4. Coffee was banned once again in Sweden in 1746, where a considerably stricter stance was taken, with ‘coffee paraphernalia’ including cups and dishes also being banned!
  5. In 1777 Frederick the Great of Prussia also declared outrage over coffee, claiming that it interfered with the countrys’ beer consumption! According to him, beer was far superior to coffee, proclaiming that “His Majesty was brought up on beer”.
  1. Coffee improves your performance when working out

Top tip: drink a cup of coffee ahead of your workout! Caffeine increases levels of adrenaline and releases fatty acids from fat tissues, helping you to get the most out of your workout!


  1. Enjoy your coffee in a classic Italian Tiramisu!
  1. Coffee is a great palate cleanser

At Ashleigh & Burwood we spend a lot of time testing fragrances to make sure we supply you with some of the most delectable scents on the market, which is why coffee beans have become our best friend! When testing and comparing fragrance samples it can become difficult to distinguish between different scents, smelling a small dish of coffee beans helps to cleanse the palate – similar to sampling sorbet in between meal courses!


  1. Coffee is the second hottest commodity in the world!

Second to oil, coffee is the most traded commodity in the world and judging by all of its benefits and uses it’s easy to see why!