Back to School

Alarming amount of floor space? Sudden overwhelming volume of traffic in the morning? Eerily quiet house and overall sense of calm between the hours of 9am-3pm? Ah yes, the kids must be back at school.

amora_add image_2That’s right, the schools have reopened and you can finally reclaim some semblance of order over the house (and yourself). You deserve a treat. It hasn’t been easy, frantically arranging activities to keep them entertained and wondering if too much TV really will turn their eyes square (and if at this point it might just be worth the risk). Of course you miss them, and it’s never easy to watch them scamper off on their first day, but on the bright side, there’s now a slightly wider gap for you to spend with a certain special someone… yourself.

Despite the kids being back at school, you may still lack the time to take 30 minutes for yourself, but there are still ways you can relax, energise or focus your mind whilst busy around the house, by harnessing the power of scent – able to transform your mood and reboot your mind.

Your sense of smell is your strongest sense. Airborne molecules inhaled through the nose interact almost immediately with the brain and are therefore incredibly influential over brain activity (which is why a particular scent can trigger a rush of memories and emotions!). Aromatherapy can therefore help you to unwind, it can improve your mood, boost your energy levels, calm you down and clear your airways, all using the healing properties of essential

No longer does this mean investing in expensive spa treatments, simply click your Amora™ Scent Hub to ‘on’ and let it fill the air with a fine mist of Amora™ Pure Essential Oils, AM-OIL01blended for you with nothing but high quality essential oils. Unwind with Relax Me, smile with Make Me Happy, breathe easy with Deep Breath, compose yourself with Calm Me Down, rest with Bedtime, get going with Energise Me and be productive with Focus My Mind. Let the ambient mood lighting provided by your Amora™ Scent Hub illuminate a soft glimmer in your living space and fill your home with music using your Apollo or Harmonia model. It’s time to look after yourself.

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