Autumn Time and the Living is Easy (but the weather is cold)

For those of us living in England, summer ended sometime around the first tube strike. We’ve since been existing in a sort of wardrobe-confused limbo in which we continue to wear flip flops and short sleeved tops in 12 °C weather because it’s August so technically, TECHNICALLY, it’s still summer. We’ve thus duly entered September in varying states of “coming down with something” amid tabloid promises of an impending heatwave. These are all just English traditions we observe yearly, but whether we like it or not, autumn will be here before September is over. The flip flop deadline date is officially somewhere between the 22nd and 23rd September (not quite sure how this works, may be best to just abandon them on the evening of the 21st), after this time it will no longer be socially acceptable to wear flip flops in public. Because it will absolutely, 100%, technically not-be-summer anymore.

But it’s not all bad! Summer is great (so we hear) but autumn is pretty good too. Crunching your feet through fallen orange leaves, most of the good TV starts again (particularly true if you like musically-themed talent shows), and of course the traditional autumn scents.

Just as you got excited about those fresh, floral and tropical scents in lieu of summer, it’s time to get excited about heady, decadent scents that will see you through to winter! As the cold weather draws in, you’re likely to find yourself spending more time indoors (watching all the great TV shows, and hiding your flip flop adorned feet from society), so now is the perfect time to make sure your home smells wonderfully inviting. Woody and spicy scents make an excellent olfactory accompaniment to snuggling up by the fire, whilst tart fruit notes transform your home into a cosy autumnal haven. Flickering scented candles such as Moroccan Rose will release an indulgently musky scent, whilst its warm flicker provides a soothing light to ease you comfortably into hibernation mode.Rhubarb & Gooseberry Lamp Fragrance_P

But it’s our Rhubarb and Wild Gooseberry scent we’re getting most excited about this autumn. A heady and distinctive fragrance, notes of rhubarb and wild gooseberry are perfectly blended with hints of apple, pear and violet on a base of soft wood undertones. Sweet, tart and fruity, this Fragrance Lamp blend means that you don’t have to ditch the tropical scents entirely this autumn. With an exotic edge to it, you’ll be ready for apple bobbing in no time.

See, autumn’s not that bad!