Getting the Most out of your Reed Diffuser!

Reed diffusers constantly fill your home with beautiful scents throughout the day, even when you’re not there. They are perhaps the most easy and convenient way of transforming the atmosphere of your home, welcoming you on your return with your favourite, familiar fragrance. But there are still ways that you can get the most out of your diffuser and use it to its full capacity, ways that some people are completely unaware of.

The Scented Home Mini Diffuser Trio Floral Collection You can start by selecting the number of reeds you wish to use according to how strong you would prefer your fragrance to be. Feel free to use as many or as little as you please in order to customiseThe Scented Home Trio Reed Diffusers Fresh Collection the velocity of your scent. When choosing, you may wish to take into account room size and ventilation. For smaller rooms with less windows only a few reeds may be necessary, smaller, mini diffusers with shorter reeds may also be more suitable for such rooms. If you’ve been using the same reed diffuser for a while and feel as though the scent throw has lost a bit of oomph, it is often advised that you turn the reeds upside down to give it a boost. Remember when doing this to take care and wash your hands thoroughly should the fragrance come into contact with your skin.

Enchanted Forest Reed Diffuser Refill Try selecting your fragrance dependant on different rooms and décor, just as you may wear a certain perfume during the daytime and another for the evening. Oceanic scents work wonderfully in bathrooms, whilst fragrances with notes that can be used in cooking, such as sage or citrus scents complement the kitchen or dining room.

If you’d like to take more of DIY approach to home fragrance this weekend, try creating your own reed diffuser! Mason jars, glass, or ceramic bottles make attractive vessels for diffusers, which you can customise to suit your home. Simply fill your chosen vessel with a refill fragrance from our The Scented Home collection and insert a pack of reeds (available in black or natural colour).