Relax, breathe, calm, snooze, wake up, focus and smile with Amora™ Pure Essential Oils

It’s time to take a moment for yourself and recharge. We all have different needs, lifestyles, aspirations and challenges that we face and deal with every day. It’s finally time for you to take a moment – just as long as you’ve got – to replenish and to just… breathe.

Harness the power of aromatherapy. Set your Amora™ Scent Hub, our new range of ultrasonic diffusers, to ‘on’ and let our Amora™ Pure Essential Oils drift into the atmosphere and give you a bit of what you need. What exactly do you need? Some of us need to relax and unwind, some desperately seek a good nights sleep, others need a boost of energy to get up and get going. It’s time to think about you. What do you need?

I need…
To Relax

Amora Pure Essential Oil - Relax MeWe all do. Let your shoulders say a final farewell to your ears with a blend of lavender and geranium. Be cleansed and purified by lavender as it helps to ease any sleeplessness or anxiety, whilst uplifting geranium soothes that overwhelming feeling of pent up emotion.

Relax Me

 To Smile

Amora Pure Essential Oil - Make Me HappyGive us your cheesiest grin! We’ve created a citrus blend full of bounce to help to cheer you up. The sweet scent of orange essential oil is a known mood-lifter, promoting feelings of happiness, whilst bergamot fuels a sense of joy and energy. We’ve worked frankincense into this blend to induce a feeling of peace, satisfaction, and contentment, working to lower stress levels.

Make Me Happy

To Take a Deep Breath

Amora Pure Essential Oil - Deep BreathInhale, Exhale. Cool, refreshing eucalyptus essential oil eases mental sluggishness and rejuvenates, whilst peppermint clears the mind, fighting restlessness and anxiety. Both of these refreshing oils are known for easing the symptoms of some respiratory issues – clear your mind, clear your airways, and just breathe.

Take a Deep Breath

To Calm Down

Amora Pure Essential Oil - Calm Me DownWe’re all familiar with the overwhelming feeling of everything piling on top of you. Whatever it may be that’s building up and causing you to feel stressed, let us help to calm you down. Our Calm Me Down blend includes cedarwood essential oil, a known sedative which has a calming effect on the mind. The scent of cedarwood is thought to stimulate melatonin in the brain, which induces feelings of calm and restorative sleep. We’ve blended cedarwood with chamomile, which helps to eliminate feelings of sadness whilst inducing a charged feeling of happiness, helping you to approach any obstacles you may face with a restored sense of calm and wellbeing.

Calm Me Down

To Sleep

Amora Pure Essential Oil - BedtimeAll sorts of things can get in the way of a good nights sleep – something that is crucial to your wellbeing. Our Bedtime blend combines anxiety-busting lavender, known to ease sleeplessness, with clary sage, which has a calming, sedative effect to promote a long, restorative nights sleep.

It’s Bedtime

To Feel Energised!

Amora Pure Essential Oil - Energise MeIt’s time to get up and go! Let our awakening blend of grapefruit and ginger help to lull you out of feelings of sluggishness and take on the day. Grapefruit essential oil induces feelings of hope and positivity, stimulating uplifting effects on the brain, whilst ginger reduces anxiety and exhaustion, promoting feelings of vitality.

Energise Me

To Focus

Amora Pure Essential Oil - Focus My MindIncrease concentration with our blend of rosemary and lemon essential oils. Rosemary is a known cognitive stimulant, thought to improve memory and increase focus and circulation, whilst lemon oil refreshes the mind, creating a positive mind-set and removing negative emotions. Inhaling lemon oil is thought to increase concentration and alertness so that you can get the most out of your day.

 Focus My Mind

Which Amora™ Pure Essential Oil do you feel most in need of?