Wake up and Smell the Coffee! (we couldn’t resist)

Far from just a pretty scent, it’s been shown that even the smell of coffee can help you to feel more awake. For some (most) of us, being forced out of bed in the morning by the need of duties to be fulfilled (one day they’ll just do themselves, one day), is a daily ordeal that only a cup of coffee can ease. But even that takes time. Precious, special time that could be spent snoozing your alarm again.

Brewing, boiling, pouring, drinking… is it all worth it? Research has shown that experiencing the smell of coffee when sleep-deprived or in need of rest stimulates different levels of activity in 17 genes in the brain. In fact, there are 800 compounds in coffee and many of these are powerfully linked to scent. So if drinking caffeine causes stress associated with loss of sleep, it is surely better to take a whiff of coffee to ease the stress rather than continue to consume caffeine. Kind of like just sniffing the icing rather than devouring the whole cake. Although the latter has a 100% dissatisfaction guarantee, we think we may have a solution for the former.

On first glance the options now appear to be to either brew some coffee and inhale whilst it cools before your eyes, a creamy, liquidy waste, or risk being kicked out of your local coffee chain for sniffing without purchase. Again, we reckon we have the solution.

Rousingly rich and aromatic, our Cappuccino Lamp Fragrance is a delicious symphony of roasted coffee beans and chocolate. Topped off with a warm, creamy finish and hints of sweet vanilla and brown sugar, if studies are to be believed, it might be the pick-me-up you need.

Plus you can enjoy it in the evening safe in the knowledge that you won’t be kept up all night!


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