Fragrance Lamps How To Use Guide

You’ve got your Fragrance Lamp(s), you’ve got your favourite fragrance(s), but are you really getting the most out of your Ashleigh & Burwood Fragrance Lamp? From caring for your lamp to the best amount of fragrance to use, here are your simple, go-to Fragrance Lamp instructions all in one handy how to use guide!

Getting to know your lamp

The Crown:

The top of your Fragrance Lamp, or ‘The Crown’, covers the hot stone of your Fragrance Lamp in order to prevent any accidental contact. Plus, who doesn’t want to wear a crown? They look good and make you feel special.

parts-of-lamp-FOR-WEBThe Snuffer-Cap:

This covers the catalytic stone to prevent your Lamp Fragrance from evaporating when the lamp is not in use. Think of this part as the ‘switch’ that turns the lamp off.

The Retainer:

The clip that holds the stone, collar and wick together. Do not remove the retainer. Don’t even look at the retainer. Just ignore the retainer.

Ok, you can look at it. But just try not to touch it.

The Stone: 

A porous ceramic material coated in platinum and other rare materials. This is where the magic happens and the lamp gets to work.

The Collar:

The unsung hero. The collar supports the stone and secures the wick in place. Thank you collar.

The Wick:

Carries your chosen fragrance from the body to the stone. But not from the shop to your home, sadly.

The Lingo:

The Assembly: The collective noun for the wick, collar, stone and retainer.

There is no need to take any of the assembly apart!

The Neck: A metal crimp attached to the body of the lamp which supports the Assembly.

The Body: The part of the lamp that holds the fragrance.

Cleaning Your Lamp

Modern family life can mean cleaning, and a lot of it – don’t leave your Fragrance Lamp behind! To maintain your Fragrance Lamp and keep it looking shiny and new, simply use a proprietary furniture or glass polish to clean the outside of it.

ALWAYS ensure that the snuffer-cap is firmly in place and that the top of your lamp is cool before you begin cleaning!

NEVER allow water and detergent to enter the lamp – doing so can cause significant harm to the wick.

The Fun Part

Filling your lamp!

Fill your Fragrance Lamp so that it is 2/3 full of fragrance. Any more and you are at high risk of spillage. Should you become a victim of spillage, carefully pour the excess liquid back into the fragrance bottle, wipe yourself and the lamp down with a damp cloth and pray that no one saw you (we recommend that you spread newspaper before pouring, just in case).

Next, replace the wick/stone assembly, cover with the snuffer-cap and leave for 20-30 minutes to let it prime before using. Not sure what a wick, stone or assembly is? See above.

Fancy a Change?

The world is always turning and we must turn with it. If you’re bored/not in the mood for/have just bought a new Lamp Fragrance and can’t wait to use it/simply wish to change your fragrance, just empty out the previous fragrance back into its original bottle using the funnel provided. Again, when doing this you are at high risk of spillage so take caution/make sure no one is looking. Been unlucky with spillages recently? Simply allow the lamp to burn dry of the previous fragrance before switching to another. We do not recommend doing this too often however as it may cause excessive wear to the wick and stone.

You now have the basic tools to get the most out of your Fragrance Lamp. Still feeling a bit lost? Check out our Fragrance Lamp FAQ’s for more information.

Happy Lamping!