The Esscential Guide to Scented Sachets

Many (many) of you entered our July giveaway last week to be in with the chance of winning three sets of Scented Sachets from The Scented Home range. Whilst there could only be one winner, we loved all of your suggestions, in fact you made some that not even we had thought of! So, to ensure that your excellent ideas don’t go to waste, we’ve compiled our own little guide to Scented Sachets and how you can make a touch of fragrance go a long way.

Suitcases SplitShire_IMG_4683Unless you are one of the lucky few who get to jet off all the time, chances are your suitcase spends a good 50 weeks a year unused, gathering that musty odour that only abandoned possessions seem to develop. Your clothes and prized possessions are then encased in that odour and forced to spend a few hours (or days – we’re looking at you, non-unpackers) in its company. The last thing you want is to take on this odour yourself. Try packing Scented Sachets amongst your clothes to ensure they stay fresh, you can then remove these sachets from your case and hang them in the wardrobe with your unpacked clothes to prolong the freshness.To help your suitcase avoid developing the unused, musty odour altogether, leave a sachet inside your case once you’re home and have stowed it away so that when you come to use it next year (or next month, hopefully) it’ll smell as fresh as when you left it.

The Linen Cupboard Fresh Linen Fresh-smelling sheets are one of those simple joys in life. Snuggling up in your duvet whilst your favourite scent envelops you can feel like pure heaven at the end of the day (and pure hell when you have to leave in the morning). A lot of you expressed how much you would like to leave some sachets amongst your sheets in the linen cupboard, and we think this is the perfect way to enjoy them. Simply let the scent of the sachets rub off on to your bedding, leaving behind a blissful aroma you can enjoy all night long! Perfect. The Wardrobe A similar solution to the suitcase problem. Keeping Scented Sachets in the wardrobe is the perfect way to keep just-cleaned clothing fresh and to ensure that the more seasonal garments that spend half the year neglected also stay fresh when autumn, winter, spring or summer come rolling back around! Scented Sachets are also great for drawers, releasing a sumptuous scent into the room when you pull them open.

Teenagers Ah yes, a common theme. The whiffy years. SplitShire-6242

Scented Sachets can be easily (and discreetly) slipped into shoes and football kits to help with the unsavoury odours produced by your steadily maturing offspring (or spouses). Just be sure to remove them from shoes before wearing – we can’t vouch for how comfortable Scented Sachets are under foot…