The Lavender Renaissance

When you think of July you think of lavender. That’s just a fact, pure and simple.

Well maybe not quite, but besides holidays, temperamental weather and the odd impromptu barbecue, July brings with it fields of lavender – a shrub that not only produces masses of beautiful flowers, but a classic and delectable scent with a number of soothing properties. Lavender has been used for years for everything from perfumery to mummifying bodies in lavender-dipped shrouds, though the latter eventually took somewhat of a backseat and lavender proceeded to make more of a name of itself in fragrance and aromatherapy.

A member of the mint family, lavender’s origins lay in mountainous regions of the Mediterranean, typically growing in sunny and stony habitats. You see, lavender is just like you and I – it’s happiest when somewhere sunny on the Med. Used to improve mood and promote a good night’s sleep, it’s no wonder that lavender has such a soothing reputation. Although this year, that reputation appears to be expanding.

Formerly favoured as a deodorant and disinfectant, lavender is making a comeback this year, it’s classic, summery scent beginning to mingle with other delicious notes (such as vanilla), setting 2015 as the year of the lavender revival. Although lavender is already a friend to the chefs, often used in dishes to add a touch of sweetness, a lavender renaissance is truly occurring, with delicate sprigs making an appearance in unlikely culinary circles such as jelly, cupcakes and cocktails – you can try this for yourself, simply add a sprig of fresh lavender to a glass of champagne (whether this strictly counts as a cocktail we’re unsure, but we’ve seen the evidence and it certainly looks pretty!).

From cooking and cocktails, lavender also branches into crafts. One of nature’s many resources, lavender is a simple ingredient to a number of decorational and craft projects. You could try creating your own lavender wreath using dried or fresh lavender and wire. Dependent on the outcome you could use your lavender wreath as a decorational feature on your front door, as a sort of ‘ode to lavender’. Alternatively, why not check out some of the sumptuous lavender foot scrub recipes available online, mixed with peppermint, lavender can make a great elixir for tired feet in need of pampering.

If your culinary and crafts prowess aren’t quite up to scratch, or you simply can’t be bothered, stick to the deliciously sweet, calming scent of lavender – with our range of reed diffusers, lamp fragrances and scented sachets, this is a way of enjoying lavender that really does require little to no effort.

Earth Secrets Lavender Scented Sachets.
Earth Secrets Lavender Scented Sachets.
Sunlit, comforting lavender nestles in the warmth of honeyed vanilla. Soft white musks gently cushion this blend to deliver a delicate, familiar accord.
Lavender & Vanilla Premium Lamp Fragrance.
Calm, serene and evocative of summer meadows. This blissful fragrance of calming lavender is gently infused with subtle hints of tea tree & eucalyptus. Delicate notes of violets and frangipani sweeten the bouquet to create a wonderfully relaxing scent.
The Scented Home Lavender Reed Diffuser.