It’s Not Just The Evenings That Are Getting Lighter…

Ask anyone what their favourite time of year is and the answer will most likely be summer (or Christmas, though unlike the former this probably isn’t related to the weather). Days get longer, the weather heats up, and the prospect of a beach holiday draws ever nearer. So it’s hardly surprising that we make so many alterations to accommodate this welcome change in season.

Winter demanded artificial warmth. It required dim lighting and blankets. It wanted roast dinners and heavy comfort food. It liked rich, musty fragrances – anything to protect against its frost. Summer wants quite the opposite. Suddenly the dim lighting is unappealing, why must we squint to read when the sun is providing such light? And at 7pm! Still! We could have dinner outside! But not a roast. Definitely not a roast.

Rather, summer calls for light. This could in part be due to the sun’s rays reflecting against the earth’s surface, causing everything to look somewhat cleaner, and somehow happier. This could also be due to the heat and our sudden inability to consume anything heavy, whether it be food, fragrance or even interiors. Summer calls for coastal living. Light curtains with a Gatsby-style breeze, crisp, white linen, and open windows. Fresh salads, barbecues and fruity cocktails. Suddenly that delicious spiced cinnamon fragrance you loved so much at Christmas just doesn’t make sense anymore. Much like your clothes and the spring in your step, everything must be lighter!

It’s during the warmer seasons that sweet, refreshing scents come into their own. The ability of a cool, fresh scent to restore you after a long day in the sun becomes ever more appealing. Those dainty fragrances seem as bright as the sun, reminding you of summer holidays in much the same way that throughout winter warm, spicy aromas reminded you of Christmas. It’s no surprise then that spring/summer 2015 fragrance trends are crisp, fresh and inspired by nature, with notes such as watermelon, cucumber and tomato making a big appearance.

Your preferred method of home fragrance may also alter, the dim light supplied by the warm flicker of a candle no longer necessary as you spend more time outdoors (you can hardly supervise a scented candle whilst you’re turning sausages on the barbecue). Rather, you may be drawn towards the fine mist of a room spray or the delicate scent release of a reed diffuser, both able to gently refresh your living space throughout the day.

Of course, this is assuming that the British weather is willing to cooperate this summer (fingers crossed), but come rain or shine, you can create that longed-for summer feeling simply by choosing the right scent.

3 thoughts on “It’s Not Just The Evenings That Are Getting Lighter…

  1. I love the warmth of summer most of all. I feel cold pretty much all the rest of the year, shivering, having to warm my hands by the radiator, by a cup of hot tea or just sinking it in warm water. So in summer I totally enjoy that I can finally lay down on the fresh grass (freshly cut is the best!) and just soak in the warmth, let the heating sun warm my every bone and muscle and to give that pale skin of mine some healthy tan! 🙂 Add the lovely smells of barbecues around, the clear blue sky, the sound of oceanwaves bringing in the salty scent, seagulls over my head, all the fresh strawberries and other fruits and also don’t forget the evening bonfires where you can sit all night by it and not freeze. Stargazing is possible in just a light jumper or even without it, there are the outside pools to lay by during day and night, there are great music or food festivals in Czech Republic (my home), there are the cottage weekends with my parents, there is the river canoeing week with my friends and all the picnics in parks or roller-skating, there is summer solstice which you can experience in some really cool way like sleep over at Stonehenge (did last year, it was amaizing :)), and also there is my birthday! 8) I do love Christmas time and I love the colors and smells of autumn, and I love the freshness and blooming of spring, but during summer I just feel like I get to recharge my batteries through the solar heat and all the fun energy around and that keeps me going for the rest of the year 😉

    1. Hi Em!

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  2. Love the summer, living by the beach there’s nothing quite like it with the sunlight glistening off the water, everyone seems to be happier with a bit of warmth. My favourite time is early evening though – the crowds have mostly packed up and gone and left the beach to me and the seagulls x

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