The Scents That Make Sense for Your Home… The Living Room

In similar form to the kitchen, the living room is often the hub of the home. Although not much living usually occurs. More reclining, snuggling and accidental-napping. Creating a calm and comfortable atmosphere is therefore crucial. You may wish for your living room to be warm in temperature and ambience. Conversely, warmth may conflict with the interior style of your living room. You see, this is the room you can get creative in. This is where you can decorate with fragrance.

In terms of décor, think of your home fragrance as the ribbon tied around a beautifully wrapped gift. Without the ribbon your gift may appear dull and incomplete, less likely to provoke the same level of anticipation for what lies within the packaging. Like the ribbon, home fragrance adds that ‘sparkle’, tying the room together and evoking the mood and feel you wish to create. A cool, natural fragrance can create that beachfront feel to suit the coastal living trend, making you feel as though you’ve relocated to Malibu. Whilst a deep, amber fragrance can set off the grandeur of a Georgian scheme.

Due to the relaxed and central nature of the living room, there may be odours you wish to eliminate. Smells left by pets, children, food, smoke and spouses can accumulate to form a lived in aroma that you may wish to move out. A fragrance lamp can work in your favour in two ways here:

  1. Fragrance lamps contain a catalytic stone which, when heated, begins a catalytic combustion process which destroys pollutants, bacteria and odours.
  2. Fragrance lamps can be aesthetically preferable for those who dislike the appearance of reed diffusers, which may work against your décor rather than with it.

Regardless of your preference concerning fragrance family and fragrance method, it is generally accepted that softer scents are to be sought in the living room. Since extended periods of time are spent in the living room engaging in binge-watching sessions, snoozing, browsing the internet (preferably the Ashleigh & Burwood website), or alternatively, socialising. Maybe. An overpowering scent can be incredibly off-putting. It is far better to keep your fragrance at a lower volume than the television. Detectable, certainly. But not overpowering. In fact, similar to the television, you should be aware of it but your neighbours shouldn’t.

Our top fragrance picks for the trends of 2015:

Coastal Living

The intrinsic brightness of the Luminosity Fragrance Lamp will add a vibrant statement to any living space. Handcrafted using brilliant Silver Mosaic pieces, and finished with a silver decorative crown.An inviting fusion of aquas and blues resemble a mini tropical reef. Mirrored and coloured mosaic glass pieces cover this small orb-shaped lamp which is finished with a silver coloured fretwork cap.  This ‘apple’ shaped lamp has been handcrafted using lustrous square mother of pearl pieces, arranged in regular pattern to form a sophisticated & stunning design. The lamp is completed with a stylish silver metallic cap – as if crowned by an Ocean Queen herself!


Includes Natural Elements Resin Fragrance Lamp with Moroccan Spice Fragrance complete in Gift Box.    Includes Natural Elements Resin Fragrance Lamp with White Tea Fragrance complete in Gift Box.  A green and woody, fragrance with marine undertones. Blended together are fig leaf, black pepper, violet leaf and orange, creating a truly unique perfume


This small lamp shows what seems to be the purest mother of pearl from the pristine Arctic Ocean laid out on this lamp in a symmetry that is synonymous with the perfectness of the Arctic snow. The tiles glint like ice in the winter sun.   s distinctive as the world we live in, this precious orb shaped Fragrance Lamp is made from uniquely leaf patterned Silver mosaic pieces on a Black background. Finished off with a silver crown. The unmistakably delicate scent of exotic orchid is perfectly complimented by a bouquet of soft oriental aromas.    This bold & striking ‘small orb’ shaped lamp is dressed with alternating sections of sparkling silver and glistening black mosaic pieces. Accessorised with a decorative silver cap, the effect is truly eye-catching.


Includes Natural Elements Resin Fragrance Lamp with Moroccan Spice Fragrance complete in Gift Box.   Inspired by the rising sun over the Sahara, the natural colour palette of tonal Browns, are what makes the handcrafted Desert Sunrise mosaic Fragrance Lamp, truly remarkable. The lamp is complemented with an aged copper effect decorative crown.   	 Exciting aromas of a hot Moroccan souk combine with a rich blend of sticky honey, nutmeg and bergamot scents. Woody base notes of agarwood and sandalwood add earthy depth.