The Scents That Make Sense for Your Home… The Bathroom

You bathe there. You shower there. There’s a sink whose primary function it is to wash your hands and brush your teeth with. Cleaning is a common theme in the bathroom. Endless supplies of water and hygiene products make it the room in the house synonymous with cleanliness. Yet sometimes (quite regularly actually, often more than once a day) this magical cleaning room can smell somewhat… not so clean.

Consequently, the bathroom is a room in the house that needs a little extra help in the fragrance department. We’ll call it “odourly-challenged”. Whilst you may be used to the particular… smells. Others most definitely are not, and it’s with good reason that they say you can judge a place by the bathroom.

Think of your bathroom fragrance as deodorant. Your aim is to both refresh and prevent odour. Crisp, floral scents supply a breath of fresh air alongside a burst of fragrance. Notes such as eucalyptus provide a clean, fresh aroma (some even opt to hang sprigs of eucalyptus from the shower head, though we don’t recommend this unless you really, really like eucalyptus), whilst notes of rose provide a delicate, feminine addition.

You may find dispersing a room spray to be overpowering. It can also… give the game away, so to speak. Rather than leave an advisory bottle tactfully lying around, a reed diffusers constant release of fragrance will ensure a freshness that lasts all day.

Light, powdery scents will also help to evoke a sense of cleanliness and hygiene, try the Ashleigh & Burwood The Scented Home Reed Diffuser in Baby Powder for a fresh and nostalgic crowd-pleaser that will revive any bathroom.

There are few things more relaxing than a hot bath filled with bubbles and blanketed by your favourite scent. A scented candle in the bathroom creates a spa-like environment, offering a solace in your home where you are able to retreat at the end of the day. Scented candles with bright citrus notes create a refreshing yet comforting atmosphere, whilst lavender is a classic mood soother.


Earth Secrets Lavender Reed Diffuser: The natural, calming scent of lavender, with hints of tea tree & eucalyptus.


Escapology Moroccan Rose Luxury Reed Diffuser: Aromatic floral notes of red rose and iris with a light sprinkle of bergamot.


The Scented Home Baby Powder Reed Diffuser: A soft powdery floral with rejuvenating citrus notes sweetly combined with pure white jasmine and lily.


Tales of London Knightsbridge Small Votive Candle: Notes of moss and ginger are complemented by sparkling grapefruit, lime and herby basil.


Escapology Egyptian Cotton Scented Candle: A soft floral heart with delicate notes of jasmine, rose and ylang ylang, rests gently on a warm base of sandalwood, musk, vanilla and vetiver.