The Scents That Make Sense for Your Home… The Bedroom

The bedroom. Your sanctuary. The place you go to unwind in. Where you awake after a good night’s rest and relax after a hard day’s work. The room in your home most reflective of your own style and taste. And of course, where the magic happens… sleep.

It’s the room of contradictions. It’s where you require tranquillity and solitude. When the door shuts, it doesn’t just shut out the hallway, it shuts out the world. It’s also where you require a screeching warning siren called an “alarm” to alert you that a new day has begun. As if you didn’t know already, the dog’s been licking your face since 6am and you’ve been plotting revenge on the birds for singing ever since.

Most of us require some sort of assistance when it comes to unwinding. Linked to your emotions and able to trigger immediate responses, your sense of smell can be more evocative than sound or images, which is why certain scents can help you to relax. Hence when it comes to scenting your bedroom you need to cater to two sides of you. The calm, heavy-eyed side of you and the disgruntled side of you who’s been prematurely awoken and spent half of the morning fantasising about a real-life Angry Birds scenario.

Calming, somnifacient scents are thus required to help you to drift off by night, and energising, uplifting scents are needed to encourage you out of bed the following morning. This is why it’s a good idea to keep more than one method of home fragrance handy. A reed diffuser with an invigorating fragrance such as grapefruit, orange, or lemon will fill your bedroom with happy, elevating scents. The reed diffusers’ constant delivery of an energising scent will help you to leave the house in a half decent mood in the morning and will ensure that your room smells fresh and clean upon your return.

To soothe and relax you in the evening (or whenever you need it), try burning a scented candle with calming notes, such as lavender, jasmine and cinnamon. The combination of the dim, flickering light of the candle and the release of your chosen scent will provide a warm and relaxing ambience ideal for helping you to unwind after a long day – perfect!

Your guest bedroom requires a different approach entirely. Whilst you want your guests to feel welcome, you don’t want to seem smothering or overbearing. The same applies to fragrance.

Fragrance can be incredibly personal. The scent of roses isn’t going to remind everyone of childhood summers spent in your Aunt Edith’s garden. Rather than fill your guest room with fragrant delights, it’s far better to add light, delicate touches of fragrance that will evoke a sense of cleanliness. Try using refreshing scents such as Fresh Linen or Sea Breeze. Placing scented sachets inside furniture drawers and hanging metal pomanders will lightly scent the room and release fresh bursts of fragrance!



Earth Secrets Ginger & Grapefruit Reed Diffuser: Fresh, sweet grapefruit complemented with warm savoury notes of ginger.


Wax Essentials Mandarin Lime & Basil Reed Diffuser: Zesty lime blended with sweet, succulent mandarin and aromatic top notes of basil.


Tales of London Covent Garden Scented Candle: A blossoming combination of rose and jasmine, warmed by hints of cinnamon.


The Scented Home Ocean Breeze Scented Sachet: Sparkling citrus notes of lime, lemon and orange unite with marine on a base of dry cedarwood and soft musk.


The Scented Home Fresh Linen Metal Pomander: Light airy, and wonderfully clean, with subtle notes of aloe, frangipani, lavender and citrus.

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