How to Fragrance Your Home, Your Way

Far from just air fresheners and plug-ins, the scents of which are often synthetic and overpowering, there is certainly more than one way to fragrance a room. There’s also more than one reason to fragrance a room! Whilst there are those who simply enjoy filling their home with their favourite scent, Ashleigh & Burwood offer a number of home fragrance products which allow you to do so much more than that. From creating a classic ambience with a scented candle, to unleashing a multisensory experience with an amora Scent Hub, here are our favourite ways to fragrance a living space and how they can enhance your home!

Reed Diffusers

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Best For: Decoration, and the absence of flame or smoke.

A classic! The Reed Diffuser is truly the unsung hero, quietly emitting your favourite fragrance for up to three months, with little to no effort on your part. With their simple and classic design, Ashleigh & Burwood Reed Diffuser’s offer a minimalistic decorative element alongside their scent. All you need to do is add or reduce reeds to your diffuser as required!

Fragrance Lamps

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Best for: Luxury, style, and eliminating bad odours.

The function of Fragrance Lamps by Ashleigh & Burwood goes far beyond fragrance, entering into beauty and elegance. Each handcrafted lamp forms a unique ornament, adding an eye-catching fixture to your room. Far from just a pretty face, our Fragrance Lamps use a century-old catalytic combustion technique in order to destroy present pollutants and bacteria, ideal for eliminating pet odours or the stale smell of cigarette smoke.


ELY Candles 1P copyBest For: Timelessness, light, and atmosphere.

There’s plenty to be said for the simplicity of the scented candle. Synonymous with relaxation, the flickering flame of your favourite scented candle creates a warm atmosphere whether you’re entertaining or unwinding. Take a glance at our luxury scented candles from our Escapology collection to get you in the mood for summer holidays away!

amora™ Scent Hubs

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Best For: Aromatherapy, mood lighting, and technology.

The amora Scent Hub introduces technology to home fragrance, combining the therapeutic benefits of light, fragrance and music into one device. Releasing your favourite essential oil into the atmosphere whilst providing ambient mood lighting, the amora Scent Hub creates a spa-like experience, with each individual product in our collection providing a unique aesthetic or functional appeal of its own. Both the Apollo and the Harmonia models boast inbuilt speakers, which you are able to control via Bluetooth using your phone, tablet, or any preferred media device.