We’ve Got Baby Fever!

It’s probably not news to you that smells are strongly linked to memories. The smell of freshly cut grass is instantly reminiscent of summers spent outdoors, a whiff of chlorine can transport you back to the swimming pool at a holiday resort, or the scent of a certain perfume or cologne can remind you of a loved one. Our sense of smell is actually one of the first senses we develop, even during the first week of life it’s formed and functioning, ready to pick up those scents we now associate so closely with childhood!

A smell that makes us here at Ashleigh & Burwood feel particularly warm and nostalgic is the soft, sweet scent of baby powder. Baby powder seems synonymous with innocence, reminding us not only of our own childhood (of our mothers using powder for our swimming caps after lessons, or to soften our skin on hot days), but of our children’s childhoods too. The powdery, floral fragrance is truly reminiscent of simpler times, its sweet, floral musk light enough for spring, conjuring images of daisy chains and picnics on the grass. So perhaps it’s due to the sun making an appearance, or our anticipation of the arrival of royal baby number two, but baby powder is definitely one of our favourite scents for Spring/Summer 2015!

If you too are hankering for a sweet, nostalgic fragrance, try Our Baby Powder Reed Diffuser from The Scented  Home  collection.  A 200ml refill is also available.

1TSH Baby Powder L copy

A soft powdery floral touched by citrus fruits apple, lemon and grapefruit. White jasmine and lily join this sweet composition upon a cushion of white musk, soft woods and amber to form a nostalgic scent perfect  for creating a light, clean feel to your living space.