Earth Secrets, give an extra fragrance burst to your home

Our Earth Secrets Mini Diffusers have proven hugely popular since their release. They provide that little burst of fragrance, perfect for those nooks and crannies. Diffusers are one of the most popular ways to fragrance the home, just place the rattan sticks into the diffuser and sit back. The fragrance is absorbed through the sticks and evaporates across your room, leaving you with the pleasant aroma you desire!

Each Earth Secrets Mini Diffuser comes with 50ml of fragrance in a sophisticated printed glass bottle, a pack of 8 rattan sticks all finished off with a stylish silver top, and beautifully presented in a decorative printed box.

This year we have introduced 3 new fragrances the range.

You can check out the full range here

And here are our 3 new additions:

Winter Rose

Sweet hyacinth and delicate violet blossoms nestle with smooth Moroccan rose, warmed by a base of rich amber and cedarwood.

Parma Violet

Back by popular demand, delightful iris dances with the nostalgic, sweet notes of violet and lavender.


Soft rose buds blend with smooth vanilla, enlivened with sweet raspberries. Touches of geranium and jasmine add sparkle to this vibrant fragrance.