A Great Valentine’s Treat

If you’re still looking for that special Valentine’s gift, we might have just the thing.

Our hugely popular Scented Metal Pomanders are always an excellent way to fragrance your home with something that little bit different. We encase fragranced wooden pieces within a decorative metal shell, excellent for fragrancing small spaces whilst adding a creative and personal touch. So we are excited to announce our brand new Scented Heart Pomanders just in time for Valentine’s.

Our new Scented Heart Pomanders are presented in a colourful gift box and come with a Home/Refresh Spray so that you can top up your Pomander whenever you need. The Scented Heart Pomanders come in 4 popular fragrances, A Thousand Rose Petals, Jasmine & Tuberose, Freesia & Orchid and Lavender and Bergamot.

1TSH Heart Pomanda 11 L copy