Haven’t Got A Fragrance Lamp? Reasons To Change Your Mind!

Reasons why you need an A & B Fragrance Lamp!

The Ashleigh & Burwood Fragrance Lamp is the ultimate product to refresh the home!. These fragrance lamps represent quality, luxury and above all style. The stunning ornamental fragrance lamps utilise a century-old catalytic combustion technique that filters airborne odour-causing molecules. In addition the fragrance contained within the fragrance lamp is emitted to provide a gentle fragrance to the room. The fragrance lamp compares favourably to other room fragrance products and is a most efficient diffuser of fragrance, spreading it evenly and quickly around a room.

  • We have over 50 fragrances available, from Fresh Linen to Citrus Zest
  • There are over 150 Fragrance to choose from in a variety of colours shapes and sizes to suit any room.


The origin of the Fragrance Lamp goes back to 1898 when a French pharmacist created the Catalytic Combustion system to disinfect the air in hospitals. The original models were made of crystal or glass and operated with the same method of purification that is used today: Diffusion by Catalytic Combustion.

What does a Fragrance Lamp do?

The catalytic burner captures and destroys the molecules that carry odours. The mixing of air and the movement from convection ensures that odours are destroyed as well as airborne microorganisms. Catalytic Fragrance Lamps actually purify the air before perfuming it.

While air fresheners and room sprays usually mask odours, Catalytic lamps actively purify, cleanse and perfume the air in a wide area. Common odours in the home produced by cooking, pets, tobacco and exercising can be safely and effectively removed by using Ashleigh & Burwood catalytic lamps.


Ashleigh & Burwood Fragrance Lamp really does help to cleanse and purify the air. Independent tests conducted for Ashleigh & Burwood give the following results for destruction of airborne microorganisms after testing under laboratory conditions:
 Dust mites – 99% mortality rate
 Escherichia coli bacteria (E. coli) – 99% mortality rate
 Five types of mould spores
o Aspergillus niger – 61.5 % mortality rate
o Eurotium amsterdami – 79.6% mortality rate
o Stachybotrys chartarum – 99.9% mortality rate
o Penicillium crustosum – 99.9% mortality rate
o Chaetomium globosum – 99.9% mortality rate

Where can I use my lamp?

There is no particular reason why the Lamp cannot be used in any room in your home, as long as it is on a flat, stable surface away from combustible materials and out of reach of children or pets.

Can I use the Lamp when children or pets are around?

Yes, provided you follow the safety instructions and keep your Lamp out of reach, so that there is no risk of the Lamp being knocked over or touched. Always place your Lamp on a flat stable surface. Remember that the Stone is hot when in use. Always ensure the Crown is on the Lamp when it is in use to prevent contact with the hot Stone.

How long will my Lamp last?

The lamp will last indefinitely as long as the body or neck is not damaged. The question normally means “how long will the stone last?” Provided it is used exclusively with Ashleigh & Burwood’s Lamp Fragrance and is not misused, then each assembly will last for well over 300 uses or over 700 hours. We are still testing stones that have passed 300 uses and still they working at their optimum level. We will update this document when we finally get them to stop working!

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  1. Do these really work??? I have tried & tried again to light mine following all the instructions and reading the FAQ’s, replacing the wick with new ones etc…. but still failed miserably, I am now waving my white flag:(

    1. Hi Lisa,

      Yes! they do really work. We’re sorry to hear that you are having trouble with yours. We would love to help you get your lamp back up and running. Drop us an email to [email protected] and we can go through with you the issues and get a resolution as quickly as possible.


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