Customer Service

This week we had some excellent customer comments from Viviana Chong, a loyal customer of ours and a big fan of A&B. Here is what she had to say:

“In this highly competitive consumer world today, it is appalling how many companies fail to see the importance of excellent customer service. It is one thing to do what you ‘have to’, and another when a company goes above and beyond to delight a customer, no matter how small the gesture. I would like to commend on Mr Robert Potter’s ability to do just that! With his prompt and  courteous replies, getting a seemingly small issue of mine (where I lost the snuffer cap and have a temperamental wick!) resolved was pain-free. He has so kindly agreed to send me free replacements all the way to Singapore without any fuss. Thank you Ashleigh & Burwood, you have a star employee in your hands!”