Panier des Sens

Ashleigh & Burwood’s luxurious Panier des Sens bodycare range, available in four natural fragrances; ‘Relaxing Lavender’, Soothing Provence’, ‘Energising Verbena’ and ‘Regenerating Rose’, is the perfect treat to nourish your skin naturally and ethically.

Panier des Sens Winter skincare 2012

The exquisite Provence-based French skincare brand, Panier des Sens, and its ‘Natural Essentials’ collection is exclusively available in the UK from Ashleigh & Burwood. Each product is made with natural and organic ingredients, a delicious beauty treat.

So soothe away Winter blues and revive yourself using the delicious Panier des Sens shower gel in a steamy shower to take the chill from your bones, then nourish your skin by massaging in the luxurious body lotion.
As part of the daily skincare routine for your hands, use Panier des Sens liquid soap to gently cleanse, and then use the thick creamy hand lotion to moisturise and protect against dry chapped skin.
Liquid Marseille Soap £12.00. Inspired by the traditional recipe from the master soap maker, our liquid soap has been designed to respect environment.

Cooked in cauldrons with natural glycerin and vegetable oils, Panier des Sens liquid soap is made in accordance with the traditional way of manufacturing Marseille soap. It does not contain colouring agents or animal fats. Over 95% of the total ingredients are from natural origin.

Sweet almond, shea butter, essential oils and natural active vegetable substances create a rich yet light formula for Panier des Sens’ body lotion. Smooth and melting, this body cream softens and nourishes your skin.

Panier des Sens Winter shower gel

Panier des Sens Winter body lotion

“Panier des Sens has wonderful ethics, ensuring all natural and organic ingredients are used, containing pure essential oils for fragrance, making these products exceptionally appealing. Their creations are rich in active substances and essential oils and the company is dedicated to developing products that are both effective and environmentally friendly, using highly beneficial natural ingredients instead of synthetic ingredients.”

Panier des Sens products are not tested on animals and are free from:
 Paraben
 Phenoxyethanol
 Silicone
 Aluminum
 Animal raw material

Panier des Sens says: ‘Because moisturizing and cleansing of your body are essential gestures, Panier des Sens offers you a wide range of absolutely “Essential” products. Trendy yet traditional this ‘Natural Essentials’ collection is fresh and stimulating. All of our formulations contain essential oils that have been selected not only for their fragrances but for the active vegetable substances that they contain. Designed with respect for your skin and the environment in mind, these perfumes evoke the fragrances and beneficial extracts of Provence.’

Panier des Sens Winter handcream

Panier des Sens Winter liquid soap