The world is in love with London, an iconic capital city marked by its wealth of history, collected over more than 2,000 years of life and incredible culture. Thanks to one of the UK’s leading home fragrance houses, Ashleigh & Burwood, the very essence of this historic destination has been captured in a range of six decadent and evocative candle fragrances called the ‘Tales of London’.

The ‘Tales of London’ candles are the perfect way to celebrate and remember London. The city’s addictive charm and the very essence of its vibrant eccentricity have been beautifully captured in these 6 exquisite fragrances. Each fragrance relates to a specific district of London:

Buckingham – “behind the magnificent gilded railings and famously guarded gates, a wonderful decadent fragrance creates an air of British royalty.”

Covent Garden – “lose yourself in the traditional iconic flower markets with a blossoming combination of rose and jasmine notes, highlighted with hints of cinnamon, galbanum and rosemary.”

Knightsbridge – “a fresh sophisticated scent of Harrods and the Royal Albert hall.”

Piccadilly – “the iconic presence of Eros influences this sweet, romantic and youthful fragrance.”

Portobello – “deep and nostalgic notes of musk and precious woods.”

Westminster – “imagine yourself amongst the historical seats of parliament with this sensually masculine fragrance.”

Every ‘Tales of London’ candle is individually hand poured in the UK in to stunning heavy glass deeply engraved vessels, giving a timeless sense of the city’s strength, heritage and opulence. Each candle is beautifully boxed and presented with its own fascinating printed history: a ‘tale’ of its district.

Fragrance has the power to evoke memories, elicit sentiments and awaken legends, each of these unique scents has been developed with this in mind, enabling you to lose yourself amongst the history of this wonderful diverse city.

“When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life; for there is in London all that life can afford.”

– Samuel Johnson

Tales of London candles are also available in votives, either boxed into gift sets of three fragrances or individually. Also hand-poured in the UK they come in the same custom designed scents as the larger signature candles. The votives and signature candles combine top quality slow burning wax with the sublime fragrances, which, when poured into the heavy engraved glass vessels, give hours of resplendent burn time.


COVENT GARDEN “Lose yourself in the traditionally iconic flower markets of Covent Garden with this beautiful floral bouquet. A blossoming combination of rose and jasmine notes, heightened with hints of cinnamon, galbanum and rosemary.”

BUCKINGHAM “This wonderfully decadent fragrance will bring an air of royalty into you home – heady base notes of patchouli and amber are luxuriously combined with top notes of rose, mandarin and bergamot. Its rich opulent aroma is reminiscent of years of palatial festivities and grandeur.”

KNIGHTSBRIDGE “A fresh and sophisticated scent – base notes of moss and ginger are complemented with a bright combination of sparkling grapefruit, lime and herby basil. An exquisitely elegant fragrance for the home.”

PICCADILLY “The iconic presence of Eros influences this sweet, romantic and youthful fragrance. Soft and smooth notes of vanilla and tonka bean playfully combine with a hint of candy floss to create an irresistible aroma. This is tempered with lighter notes of freesia, peach and bergamot, making this a wonderfully feminine and charming scent.”

PORTOBELLO “The deep and nostalgic notes of musk and precious woods in this scent link back to its rural origins and antique treasures. Softly combined with classic notes of floral mimosa and spicy cardamom, this diverse fragrance beautifully captures Portobello’s extraordinary atmosphere.”

WESTMINSTER “Imagine yourself amongst the historical seats of Parliament with this sensually masculine fragrance. Intoxicating leathery base notes, teamed with black pepper and amber create a warm smokey aroma. Lightened with clean notes of rosemary and subtle lemon, this scent is engagingly unique.”